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#7281 Ballista Tower seems to prioritize the Drones over all other enemies

Posted by mlindner on 09 June 2020 - 09:07 PM in Support and Bugs

The situation is a Crylithium Curtain Wall right in front of a Ballista Tower. For whatever reason spectres are much more likely to attack walls than other creatures (possibly because they walk to slow?). The monster is attacking the wall right in front of the tower and for a short period the tower is attacking it. Then suddenly far away a Drone enemy appears in range of the tower. The tower then refocuses on the Drone and keeps attacking Drones while the spectre pounds away at the wall right in front of it, until the wall is destroyed.  Enemies who are actively attacking buildings/walls should be prioritized I believe. Towers seem to prioritize Drones over all other creatures as well (is it alphabetical ordering?).

#7279 Crylithium Fire Pits

Posted by mlindner on 06 June 2020 - 11:45 AM in Suggestions

Now that Crylithium walls exist we should have fire pits that block spectres just like the walls do so that we can use the fire pits inside the walls (as the tooltip suggests).

#7278 Range generation trimming cuts off buildings immediately after they're bu...

Posted by mlindner on 06 June 2020 - 11:15 AM in Support and Bugs

One additional note, you can get into weird situations where a bunch of series of torches are connected inside the wall, but you accidentally temporarily close off the wall and the range gets cut off. However when you re-open the wall at the same location the range no longer reaches the torches. This is because the torch got built beyond the normal range (say for example an intermediate torch was removed previously) so now even though it was connected previously, returning the connected spaces to how it was previously by re-opening the wall no longer connects.


Another situation is that you have a torch/building that was built "beyond" the normal range using the previous situation and when you mark it for deconstruction it immediately has it's range pruned and it's now stuck in a situation where you can't deconstruct it because the to-be-deconstructed building is now beyond the maximum range.

#7277 Range generation trimming cuts off buildings immediately after they're bu...

Posted by mlindner on 06 June 2020 - 10:39 AM in Support and Bugs

Range generation trimming does unexpected things.


If you have a narrow 1 space wide passageway and you build a fire pit in the middle of it to extend the range generation down the passageway it instead cuts off the range. This is because fire pits aren't walkable/buildable area and so it sees the range beyond the just built fire pit as now no longer accessible. You have to carve space around the fire pit for the range to expand beyond.


The above causes other issues. For example if you build a firepit in a wall to extend the range beyond the wall, it doesn't do anything unless you have something to extend the range "around" the wall to the other side to reach the fire pit, then the fire pit "activates" and further extends the range beyond the wall.


This was incredibly confusing as I was trying to work with building walls as a new player and it took me a while to understand the mechanism on how range trimming works to avoid just completely breaking the building of walls


If the above doesn't make sense I can provide some screen shots.


I suggest changing how range trimming works and make it so that any building that is reached by existing range automatically extends its range, regardless if there's a valid consecutive connected segment of buildable area.

#7276 New range generation "trimming" feature makes building walls extremel...

Posted by mlindner on 06 June 2020 - 10:30 AM in Support and Bugs

The new range generation trimming feature has a lot of side effects and problems it causes. For example it makes building walls now extremely difficult as suddenly portions of your wall structure will get cut off and even though it's partially built won't be able to be finished because it got access cut off from other parts of the wall getting built before it.

#7275 Dispel God Structure doesn't work on God Wall/God Tower inside corruption

Posted by mlindner on 06 June 2020 - 10:25 AM in Support and Bugs

Dispel God Structure doesn't work on God Wall/God Tower inside corruption. If you create a God Wall or a God Tower and the corruption expands past it's location, it becomes undispellable. This is most important for God Wall as the corruption creatures won't attack it and you're left stuck with part of your influence bar inaccessible.