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#7199 Goals as a narrative objective

Posted by Nofomo on 26 November 2019 - 03:18 PM in Suggestions

I like this game but to me it feels like it’s missing something. The goals are great but are not quite satisfying. I’d like a backstory and objectives to reach that furthers tech/skill/spell trees.

For example, after surviving one year in an area we get access to more spells. Surviving in 2 or more areas you get more and what not. Or perhaps have bosses that drop loot when multiple areas have survived for a year. Like a special sword that deals more damage.

It would be much satisfying having an overt objective. The mechanics, skill/tech trees are great. Yet I’d like to read that we are nomads fleeing a corrupted world for a new one trying to save it before it is consumed by corruption. Each year survived in a new area releases a small portion of the story until all areas have survived a year and we get a congratulations message on “winning.”

Knowing that I’m progressing and heading down the right path is important to me.