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In Topic: Easter Eggs

27 February 2017 - 10:43 AM

Corrected it. Thanks

In Topic: Translation in other languages

27 July 2016 - 06:59 AM

When the time to translate has come, would it be possible to create a shared Google doc or sheet (or anything like Google docs/sheets)? Like this everyone could access it and contribute to the translation together, thus saving time.

In Topic: Help me build the villager name database!

27 July 2016 - 06:32 AM

//Professor Layton games (including Phoenix Wright crossover)
M Alain Stolypin
M Alfendi Layton
M Alphonse Dalston
M Aloysius Flamberg
F Amelia Ruth
F Amelie Chelmey
M Andrew Schrader
F Angela Ledore
F Annie Dretche
M Anthony Herzen
F Arianna Barde
M Augustus Reinhold
F Barbara Rossa
F Bella Dorner
F Berta Avogadro
F Bertha McGwenny
M Bill Hauer
M Bill Hawks
M Bosco Felps
F Bovista Hallimasch
F Brenda Triton
F Caroline Hawks
F Catoleil Layton
F Celeste Folley
F Celia Raidley
M Chico Careta
F Claire Folley
M Clamp Grosky
M Clark Triton
M Clive Dove
F Constance Dove
F Dahlia Reinhold
F Destiny Knox
M Desmond Locklair
F Diane Makepeace
M Dimitri Allen
M Doland Noble
M Don Paolo
M Donald Rutledge
F Doris Pompitous
M Doug Scowers
M Dustin Scowers
F Edith Quickly
F Emmy Altava
M Evan Barde
F Flora Reinhold
M Florence Sich
M Frederick Bargland
M Frederick Beluga
M Frederick Starbuck
F Goldie Potsby-Mahn
M Gordon Reinhold
M Hans Jakes
M Henry Ledore
M Hershel Layton
F Hilda Pertinax
M Jack Potsby
F Janice Quatlane
M Jean Descole
M Jean Erlington
M Jimmy Smiles
M Justin Lawson
F Katia Anderson
M Keelan Makepeace
M Leon Bronev
M Leonard Bloom
M Levin Jakes
F Lizzie Quickly
F Lola Enygma
M Louis Shackwell
F Lucille Layton
F Lucy Baker
M Luke Triton
M Marco Brock
F Mariana Etista
M Mario Pech
F Maya Fey
F Melina Whistler
M Miles Edgeworth
F Mimi Grames
F Olivia Aldente
M Oswald Whistler
M Phoenix Wright
F Pia Post
F Rachel Bronev
M Randall Ascot
M Rhys Williams
M Roland Layton
F Rosa Grimes
M Sammy Thunder
F Sandy Aldwich
M Simon Reinhold
M Tony Barde
F Vera Wipovsky
F Viola Reinhold
M Will Crash