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Lost in config custom gamemode...

15 December 2020 - 03:18 PM

Hello everyone:


Sorry if this is a silly question, but I don't quite undestand some custom sections and the in-game explanations are driving me crazy... 


First of all... In a "1 in X" option or rate number, as far as I know, means 1 in x posibilities... so 1 in 100 means "almost never will happen" so its 1% possibility... and 1 in 1 means 100% "it always wil happen in every posibility"...


Secondly... a multiplier its always a multipliyer... bigger multiplier will never-ever give you a smaller result than a smaller multiplier with the same base system...


So... in the case of corruption base spawn ratio and multplier... and so on... 


How is it that biger number will give you more monsters?? and a smaller multiplier bigger chances??? Something is reaaally frying my reasonings here...  :huh:


a 1 in 1 rate will "always" spawn in every posibility (/per tick, /per second, per loading/ per day... you name it, that doesn't matter at all)... if its 1 in 1000 that means a 0.1% (almost never!) 


so... when it says higher number - higher the monsters (something's wrong here, you see it, don't you?... does it mean -higher X- (cause that's ilogical!) or higher "rate" (minor "X")?


That's why I'm asking... could the config system be rigth and the explanation wrong (unprecise...)? or is the explanation right and the config system fully upside-down (less probable...)?


In those options, the option "none" or "never" should be besides the lower rate and not the higher because that can cause confusion... (being "1 in 1" the higger, "1 in X" lowering the rate progressively as you rise "X", and "none" when the rate is so ridiculous ( "X" so high ) that is better to swich it off directly...)


Resume: 1 in 1 x 10 (1000%) can never-ever be less than 1 in 1000 x 0.25... (0.00025%)


Am I rigth? am I wrong? yes? no? maybe?


Thanks in advance and sorry if the place to post this isn't the apropriate (also for my english "Orto/Gram" faults...  :unsure: )


Best wishes and regards,





Hello from Salou

15 December 2020 - 02:09 PM

Hello! I'm Twinsen (ovbiously not...) and I'm from Spain. Loved this game at first click.


I'm the kind of man (48 now) that loves sim/strategy/survival game and I waited all my life for a game that really gallenges me. Old school player (pixel lover) found in this a perfect mixing for almost all my tastes. Expecting even biger and amaizing things out of this. My best wishes to the developer and the company!