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06 June 2020 - 11:15 AM

One additional note, you can get into weird situations where a bunch of series of torches are connected inside the wall, but you accidentally temporarily close off the wall and the range gets cut off. However when you re-open the wall at the same location the range no longer reaches the torches. This is because the torch got built beyond the normal range (say for example an intermediate torch was removed previously) so now even though it was connected previously, returning the connected spaces to how it was previously by re-opening the wall no longer connects.


Another situation is that you have a torch/building that was built "beyond" the normal range using the previous situation and when you mark it for deconstruction it immediately has it's range pruned and it's now stuck in a situation where you can't deconstruct it because the to-be-deconstructed building is now beyond the maximum range.