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Did I Break The Game?

11 July 2019 - 12:37 AM

So I purchased this game on steam and instantly fell in a love. Had a quick try out session (obviously with tips disabled) got the idea of what to do, died on day 1 clicked reset. So first proper game, I have a walled off settlement (i.e. little maze) with a bow tower and a supply chain to feed it ammunition. I also had barracks built but I never had to use it as I encountered a small problem: no monster could get through. By the end of day two I had two bullet towers with their respective supply chain by my little maze also. again, monsters did not even come close to breaking through. This trend continued as I upgraded all the towers to hell and build a ballista. so much so that I almost forgot it was a survival game and starting playing it like a city builder haha. By day 10 or so of no real challenge whatsoever, I had an idea. to spice things up, lets try and take the fight to them. I built several large lights to ward off the corruption and built up 4 fully upgraded golem spawny things. As you can imagine, my 24-golem-strong army under artillery cover of fully upgraded ballistas had no problem beating back all the graveyards. I stayed up all night and got to day 20 where the corruption is pretty much all but gone from the map and virtually no threat at all. Not bad for a first try, I thought, but surely that's not what I am supposed to do? 

As you can see below, I had what I think is a kick-ass economy and literally no chance in hell of anything getting through. Any suggestions on why I found it so easy to survive and later to virtually eradicate the corruption? Thanks!