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Fortified Structures and Villager Self-Preservation Ai

31 January 2019 - 07:29 AM

I got these ideas from playing the game and finding out that a max upgraded Barracks and Outpost have makeshift bow towers on top of them.


so first idea


--Fortified Structures--

Since this game somehow supports structures you(and the monsters) could walk inside, i thought wouldn't it be awesome if some of the structures had gates which would allow you(but not the monsters) to enter the structure and allow guards to shoot arrows from.


Couple that with the extra bow tower that the Barracks and Outposts receive, it would look really awesome, and allow for some level of protection when inside the village proper.


As for what structures should receive this sort of treatment, i'm thinking of like the camp when it reaches the level of keep or higher and the max level Ancillaries should receive Gates and Towers. Since the Barracks already has a tower at max level, i think it should get a Gate in the lower levels. Maybe the max level infrastructure, max level storage buildings, and the High-quality Housing should receive just gates so they look and act more fortified.


As for balancing, maybe the gates should break open for the monsters once the building dips below a certain percentage of its health.


--Self Preservation Ai--

This is actually hoping that some structures get gates. It's a simple suggestion for the Ai of the villagers when they spot a monster. Instead of running around like a madman and not doing anything to help, maybe the non-guard villagers could instead run into one of the fortified buildings and actually use their bows. 


As for the guards, maybe they could fight until their health goes low, retreat into one of the fortified buildings to heal, and run back out once full.


Thats about it, hope someone at the very least reads this, im loving the game and hope it continues its development.

Random Things I've learned

31 January 2019 - 06:44 AM

Before I begin:
1. I don't claim to be the first one to have discovered any of these, these are just things i discovered while playing around in the game.
2. I'm playing on the stable build available on steam



Healing Spells Hurt the Undead

as it implies, healing spells damage enemies that came back to life, and from testing, it seems that healing spells tend to heal/damage depending on the maximum hp of those affected, which might allow it to become useful later in the game. Spells tested are "Regenerate" and "Healing Aura". Enemies i am sure are considered undead: Headless, Zombie variants, and Skeletons

I am unsure whether this is a bug or intended, but it seems that Specters and Drones are not considered undead


Elemental Golems

Once your Golem Combu-thingies reach the elemental tier, it seems regardless of their type, they seem to gain a ranged attack similar to the crystal Golem variants.


Oddly enough, Poison Wood Golems dont actually get a ranged attack.


The "Charm" Spell Lasts a ridiculously long time

I've been writing this post for quite some time, and during that time, i charmed a slime..... its still charmed, either Charm spells don't wear off, effectively giving you a soldier for your defense, or they last ridiculously long time. seems to work with everything, including fire elementals and Specters.


Becareful of Fire Elementals tho, when i was testing it around, it decided that the water purifier was in its way and decided that the best course of action was to "Removing Obstacle"(sic) while it was still considered as an ally


Max Level Barracks, and Outposts have Towers

This is actually pretty cool, The Barracks and Outposts basically gain a makeshift Bow Tower mounted on them on max level, i wish other buildings did this too like say the Camp when it reaches the Level of Keep or the Higher levels of the Ancillaries.


Specters Cant go through Curtain Walls

Like it says, Specs wont just phase through the Curtain Walls, can still pass through the gates tho.


Thats what i have for now, please point out things that you know are wrong and share the things you've learned


31 January 2019 - 05:34 AM

Hey there, im sorta new to this game. But im enjoying it so far :D


So a little bit about me, Steam says im about 30 hours into this game, i cant for the love of me get past winter, im playing on the stable build of the game, and i like to throw things into the pit.


Since the wiki for this game is quite a bit incomplete, i guess im here to learn from whomever is active on this forum, share what little i know about this game, and give some feedback and suggestions for the game. Ill probly post those in the other subforums tho.


well anyway, hope this game continues to thrive as i've been looking for a game like this for a very long time