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Some suggestions

06 December 2018 - 05:28 AM

Hello, I've only played the game for about 8 hours so far, but I have some suggestions/QoL changes I think would be nice.

1. Spell range indicators
When using spells I wish I could see how big the AoE is before casting it. This would help a lot with spells like Mend which you want to hit the largest number of targets possible. Just using the same indicator as on turrets would work fine I think.

2. Inspire Growth
I have a few issues with this spell. First it could benefit from a range indicator before casting it like I just mentioned above. Secondly if you cast it in an empty field it doesn't do anything, which I can maybe understand from a balance perspective but I wish the game would stop you from using the spell so you don't waste the (fairly high) inspiration cost. Lastly, I had an issue where after trying to cast it on some wild vegetable nodes surrounded by trees, some of the vegetables regrew but a lot of the nodes instead had a tree grow on top of them, lowering the already sort of sparse amount of vegetables on the map I'm playing on. I wish there was something to stop trees from growing on top of spots that are already nodes for other resources.

3. Guards
I'm playing on the easier difficulty and still fairly early game so I could be totally wrong but I don't really feel like there's a reason to use guards. Golems and towers seem to be more effective without using up any villagers that could be doing other things. Maybe if assigning villagers to barracks duty leveled up their offensive stats passively over time (due to regular training) and eventually made them combat powerhouses if they survived for a long time that might make it seem like more of an attractive option.

4. Prioritized Hauling
I wish I could select certain resources on the ground to be brought to storehouses first. This especially comes up when I open a chest and want to make sure I get all the drops picked up asap.

5. Building window QoL change
In the little panel on the bottom right of the building windows showing the sprites of all the villagers assigned to a building I wish you could mouse over them to see their names and click on them to see their little profile window.

6. Villager work preferences
Not saying to make this a major part of the game, but I wish I at least had the option to tell specific villagers to prefer a specific job. It would be nice for light roleplay and in some cases optimization (like assigning the villagers with higher stats to jobs that make use of them more). Being able to have them prefer a specific building would also be nice, especially in situations where for instance you have two gathering buildings and want to split the wood cutters between them evenly. Though maybe there is already a way to do this and I just didn't notice it.

7. Golem buildings
Maybe there is a way to do this already but I wish villagers would bring the required materials close enough for them to be used if there aren't any within range. Kind of like how villagers automatically refuel the essence gatherer. I've been using the grab ability but it feels like kind of a waste of influence.

8. God Spells Ordering
This is a little bit nitpicky but I wish they were sorted in a more organized manner, with all the direct attack ones next to each other and the general trend being weak and cheap on the left and bigger and more powerful on the right. I'd also move banish to defensive spells which I think suits it better since it doesn't actually do direct damage and serves more of a defensive purpose.

Moving Storm to offense also seems to make sense to me since earthquake is there. So I would order the red spells from left to right:
Magic Bolts, Lightning Bolt, Meteor, Flame, Cold Aura, Storm, Earthquake

I'm really liking the game by the way! If I think of anything else I'll post a reply in this same thread.