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#6778 Suggestions, version 31b

Posted by Infoblaze on 05 October 2018 - 05:44 AM

After playing the game extensively here are some general thoughts on how the game could be improved from a gaming experience.


Quality of life improvements

  1. Resurrections are extremely annoying because you can never find the ghost, especially late game when you have 500 or so people, golems and monsters running around.  This is further aggravating because a god goal is to res (x) amount of people and I have had that goal for a complete game and never completed it.  My suggestion would be let me build a graveyard so I can "pull" all the dead villagers to that location and res them.  Please and thank you.
  2. Dissolve is not as useful as it should be.  I feel the range of the skill is to small which make me spam the spell after or during a big fight.  When corruption has significantly spread I can never get the spell to where I would like to on the corruption to clean things up.  It also does not completely dissolve monsters in one cast which is also annoying.  I also don't like that it "eats" trees etc when cast.  I would like to have a better version of the spell to specifically help me deal with monster bodies so i don't have to click spam all day to break them down.  I would like it to be fairly effective to cast to make it worth putting on my hotbar as I only get 5 options.
  3. I miss the days of casting meteor on the monsters.
  4. Roads will probably always be mentioned.  Instead of having to manually place roads all day my preference would be simply to select the level I want roads upgraded to and then let waymakers take care of the details based on where people are traveling.  If that is to hard I would like to only place the road once and then have them upgrade it fully over time or perhaps have an upgrade all existing roads button in the waymaker shack.  Late game upgrading of roads is very time consuming and annoying.
  5. Speed.  I always play at x3 and I would consider x2 to be "normal" speed.  At x1 I might as well be die of old age.  The game is just to slow at x1.  At x1 the building speed should be 1/3 the cost and time and all walking speeds should be increased by 75%.  I don't mind playing at x3 though until the very late game where huge monster spawns at night basically kill your computer.
  6. Drop (x) of a specific type of monster into the Cullis gate drives me crazy.  When I see this goal it gets an instant reset and is a total waste of my time.  If the point of the goal is to frustrate me as a gamer and force me to use the reset button then mission achieved.  The problems with this goal are many.  First the game mechanics of actually picking up a monster and going to the gate are.... awkward.  That makes the task at best tedious.  Add to the fact that the game doesn't ask for say 5 or 10 of a type of monster but usually 75 or more means you would have to spend hours trying to achieve this objective.  The next problem is how the game scales over time.  If you are playing somewhat smart early game you may have monsters in your village.  This changes mid game where you contain the corruption.  Late game you are simply trying to hold the swarms of monsters off and survive for as long as possible.  The issue is you cant pick up monsters on corruption meaning in mid and late game grabbing what you need and hauling it over and dropping it become impractical with the mess that is going on.  Also to add to the aggravation dropping more than about 2 monsters at a time has the gate go off which is also annoying to deal with based on the quantity of monsters you have to deal with.  I would actually get rid of the gates in their current form at they are useless.  Get rid of the god goal for this or have it be something like dropped resources so I have easy control.  It is just so awkward that unless I have a sent to gate spell I just don't see how it is worth it.  And it still doesn't help me click a monster when there is literally 100 on the screen at once.  My suggestion is pair the banish tower (which is useless right now) to the gate so it will slowly eat monsters for you and have the gate give way more essence to actually make it worth the investment in building and maintaining it.



Game Balance Improvements

1.  Gates.  Fun fact if you build more 3 or more in a row monsters will start to attack your walls.  So annoying and walls have almost 0 HP which means even a simple builder monster can break them down by themselves.  Late game that means monsters break through instantly.  So annoying and it defeats the purpose of walls.  

2. Water is the same issue as gates.  Try and build a moat or water to slow down monsters and see what happens with fire elementals.  Again so annoying.  I think they  should be forced to path through the water to a gate or they can stay on there side of the map where it is safe and leave me alone.

3.  Element types.  As fire elementals are so destructive, have range and just make a mess I fail to understand why you would pick lightning, poison or fire damage types.  Lightning has no splash or anything to make it useful and poison it to slow to help in any practical sense.  Fire seems completely useless as it just takes longer to kill the most deadly monster in the game with it. 

4. Most towers are useless and late game all towers are useless do to massive swarms of monsters.  You still want ballistas to destroy buildings after the night is over but that is about it.

5.  Guards.... To dedicate a villager to being a guard late game is the worst.  They are useless unless you are looking to kill people because you have to many coming in.  First anytime you cast any heal or mend building (a necessary late game spam tactic if you want to survive) they become confused and become worthless meat shields. I guess that is somewhat worth it because it allows my golems to go to work.  They are also very weak in every sense in fighting high level late game monsters.  They have no real tactics and are overall frustrating to deal with.  Making weapons for them doesn't seem to help or the graphics simply don't show them using any gear other than a bow which is useless anyways.  The sad fact is I actually want to use them and have them be useful like the golems but they are just not.

6.  Corruption control.  Like many other reviewer I have to agree than not being able to push back or control where the corruption is located is frustrating.  Little spots are the main problem.  I agree that a simple spell to get rid of spots would be great.  A building, or really anything would be nice to have some control.

7. Building walls and pathing monsters is really awkward in the game as when you build a wall it cuts off your building range.  That means all layers of walls have to be made from the outside and working in.  It also means you cant fix outside walls.  When you make real mazes the corruption will spread to the wall so you can't go back and build it again.  Yes, campfires can extend the range but from a gaming perceptive BLEH.  As they have no corruption resistance then everything just flows over them eventually and late game BLEH.  Walls and path building should be a core part of the game experience and instead I just end up just having a simple contain strategy instead because anything else is to mechanically difficult to execute in the game.  As a suggestion give walls a simple building range of say 3 or 4 tiles.  I will like to see a corruption resistance of 1 but do understand how that could become very game breaking.  Perhaps could it be set that they simply don't allow corruption beyond on or past the wall?

8.  Multiple gates make monsters attack walls.  Walls and wall health in general.  Instead of a long rant on the whole game mechanics could we all agree that the AI should be set to attach a build structure (if present) over a wall always.  That way the goal of stopping a person from completely walling in is met where monsters will still attack a wall if no structure is present and then I can make a multiple gate system to help slow the insane late game waves of monsters and set up some stops.

9.  Almost all towers are useless and splash damage does not exist to control late game monsters.  Basically towers do not scale with enough damage to be useful.

10.  Essence collectors.  I have to build SOOOO many!!!!  I am always out of essence and then die.

11.  Stone golems can't take stone from storage?  This becomes annoying late game when you are eating resources like mad and makes only wood or crystal sustainable.

12.  Med-kits and bandages?  Is there even a difference?  Why should I even bother.  Death during child birth still happens all the time even when I build around 10 clinics just to see what would happen.  What is the point?  Even if a villager/guard has this late game if they are getting hit lots they die before they use it so I still fail to see the point.

13.  Setting up in a new place with high global corruption... well good luck with that.  Try setting up a new village when you are onto day 150+ with max global corruption and let me know how that works out for you.  The issue I have with this is it changes the pace and this is getting long so whatever.  Probably some extra tweaking to local corruption levels could be considered or something.  


Things that are appreciated

1. Kitchens don't have to have insane staffing to keep up.  I appreciate that I don't need excessive staff to feed large towns.

2. Same with bottlers.    

3. Somewhat same with farmers.

4. Tools do help speed up work.

5. The awesome work you have put into this project.  






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