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Building upgrade queue

15 December 2018 - 09:54 AM

In the mid/late-game I found that I often want to build a new building of its maximum upgrade level (like an established well, farm, house or a tower). So I build the low level version, wait for it to be completed and upgrade it, wait and upgrade again. I sometimes forget about those building, just to find them unupgraded some time later..


I thought about it and an option to just build a high level building would undo everything this system brought into the game, so I thought of an option to queue up upgrades of buildings. A player selects a building and selects an upgrade variant and the building starts it's upgrade process just like before. The building is already called by the new version name, so I would leave the Upgrade button available (if appropriate) and work the same way as before - select the upgrade variant. But instead of changing the building immediately, it would just queue the next upgrade and actually apply it after the previous one was finished by the builders. It would be useful for roads too, but I'm not sure how to show that to the player (maybe a marker like now, with a number of upgrades pending in it?) and the roads are going to be reworked soon anyway.


So I'll just put it in a example. I have an established village, resources aren't a problem in most cases. My housing space is getting low, so I'll just add couple of houses, a well and a farm. I put down a house or two and quickly queue up upgrades of it up to the reinforced high quality one, same with the well and farm. The builders come and build the house, the queue kicks in and automatically schedules an upgrade to the low level high quality housing variant, the builders will get to it on their own like normal. After they are done with this upgrade, another will be applied, and so on. This would be also useful when rebuilding something that got destroyed and it doesn't interfere with existing game mechanics.


I just hope more people would find it useful so it could get implemented :)

Make goals visible/accomplishable in region view

26 September 2018 - 08:10 AM

Hello, I've been playing with the new goals system and I wanted to suggest something about them.

It would be nice to be able to see the goals that I could accomplish in my current region. At this time I feel I need to stop playing and go to the world map from time to time to see what new goals I could be going for, otherwise I could be missing out on progress in a new unlocked goal already.

To be honest I didn't notice, whether the progress towards a goal is applied before it's officially unlocked (so that when revealing it on the world map, it's already partially complete).
Still it would be nice to get a notification while building my village that for example, now I could upgrade a couple of buildings to complete a newly unlocked goal.



Ok, So I've tested it a bit more and the progress towards a goal is not applied before it's unlocked. I'll try to explain with an example:

So I continue the game, I see my goals - 1 more day to unlock another goal. I load a map and spend like 8 days there, time for a break. I go back to the world map and see that I've unlocked that new goal, and it needed me to upgrade 3 buildings. Through my 8 days on the region map I've upgraded couple of buildings, so now I feel that I'm not playing in the most optimal way, wasting god XP progress while on the region map. I should have exited the region after the one day to get the new goal, then go back to the region, upgrade the building, exit the region and claim the goal to clear the slot for the next one.


Ok, so the goals don't need to be visible in the region view (though it would be nice in a separate menu), but I would really like to be able to accomplish them while in the region view.