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#6651 Deer mob + full animations 128 slides

Posted by FlakMac on 15 July 2018 - 06:45 AM

I recently started playing the game and have had lots of fun trying out all of the difficulties, RtR reminds me so much of some of my favourite old strategy games. something i have noticed in all of my games is that the wilderness seems very barren. Whilst the emptiness could make sense considering the corruption thing, i think some animals would have survived, so i made a deer mob.


I've animated 6 of it's actions, these are all 8 slide 16x16 and account for a total of 128 slides, to complete this i would also need to do north and south animations, but some of these dont need them such as decaying and dying.


1rBZ2g7.gif running.gif


fbi7o70.gif walking.gif


sXb39Qo.gif  grazing.gif


uOvKzBX.gif idle.gif


QpAuy9u.gif dying.gif


ibCU81g.gif decomposing.gif


What do you guys think of this? Would a deer be too out of place and do you think a hunting feature would be fun, i just like the idea of populating the wilderness.


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