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In Topic: [InDev 30 Unstable 5 \ Windows 7] - can't collect essence with mouse...

23 April 2018 - 12:43 AM

Re: the influence bar, you got me, I had no idea about that change! Sorry to make you waste your brainpower, it makes sense now and works after testing!


Middle mouse button does not work even after rolling back to 29b (it was what was on steam), but I know it's not a broken button on the mouse itself because I can use it to set auto-scrolling outside of the game and, as I said, the zoom still works both ingame and and when scrolling outside of game. Maybe something is wonky with my computer's key mapping? But I can't think of why that would affect just the one program, I've seen no changes in functionality in other games or programs that use it. It would make sense if I'd been modding things but I haven't been tinkering in the game files. Anything else you can suggest?