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In Topic: Feedback Needed: A slight design paradigm shift into more player control.

16 August 2017 - 04:03 PM

"Now the great thing about adding everything I mentioned, is many of these will work just like they do now anyway, the only difference is you'll be given control to change them. So while it increases micromanagement, it'll only increase micromanagement for players who decide to do it."


You said it best here. You can continue to support a hand off approach to all aspects of the game, while also including the option for more micro-intensive control. I think this would make the game much more enjoyable for different types of people.


There are those who prefer not to think about balancing resources and ratios, and that is why you have the algorithm determining production and such. But there are also those who enjoy figuring out and optimizing ratios, production, storage, etc. You can cater to both groups by allowing a kind of "manual" control button for certain parts of the game.




I posted a suggestion thread a few minutes ago (hope you read it) and one of the proposed improvements was the ability to "direct" or "guide" or "motivate" guards to move to a location instead of having to build multiple outposts in the direction you want them to move.

This is partially in the direction of more "control" but you can keep both parties happy by keeping guards autonomous while allowing the "option" to guide them to a location if a player wants to.




That is just an example but I hope you see my point. You can maintain your hand off design approach while implementing an optional "manual" control for various aspects of the game to cater to those who enjoy more micro.