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[Build InDev 28 Unstable 4 Released] ranged golems + resources UI

02 October 2017 - 01:28 AM

I saw that ranged golems don't attack spawners if the spawner has rocks or trees close by , they stand there idle and after some time they just ignore it. This does not happen to melee golems ( ones that are not upgraded ). I don't have any screenshots as i accidentally deleted some .


I also saw that the tab on the top which shows you your resources is global so it counts every thing on the map even if it isn't in the village . if i for an example destroy a spawner with the meteor spell then all of those resources are  added to that UI, this interferes with the production



[InDev 28 Unstable 1|Windows] very low fps

02 September 2017 - 11:13 AM

Windows 10

JAVA = version 8 update 111 (build 1.8.0_111-b14)

nvidia Geforce GT 740m

8gb ram

intel i7 4700mq 2.4ghz ( 8 core)


well on the stable build i have 500+ villagers and i have close to no frame loss and on this unstable build and on this one i have about 100 villagers including dogs and one of my villagers grew up and suddenly i had 3 fps , i let it run for a while and still had 3 fps after 1 day ( in game) But when i went to unemployed villagers it said 0. When i assigned a unemployed villagers ( which still said 0) to builders then i was back to 30 fps

I saw some villagers go to my food storage ( ones that were unemployed) and then they went in and out taking food out then putting it back for 10 times in one second https://prnt.sc/

I also know my pc isnt very strong but it runs stable with no problems


30 August 2017 - 10:34 AM

Let me start of by saying the whole game experience was magic. This is really a fun game and i didn't expect it keep me busy for as long as it did and i love you for making this , even if you stop making the game i would not even hate you for doing that ( not that i want you to stop) and the music is simply amazing.

-I would really like to see some building that increases the gods max essence pool ( for spells ) i believe that that sometimes you wanna save some essence to cast more than one big spell before you need to get some from the essence collectors.

-Then a magic farm would really be cool cuz with big populations you need lots of farms

-also i have never died on the normal difficulty and nightmare is just  too hard so maybe close to winter have a massive horde of zombies that attacks your village just to make it a bit harder

-i have also seen that tool smiths make too many of one item or maybe i use too many of one item then after like one season i see that i have 100 axes and no hammers

-upgrade able storage and homes would help tonnes