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#6365 Challenges

Posted by rwv37 on 22 January 2018 - 05:55 PM

Should have explicitly said: In either of those scenarios, if nomads come in, it's OK if they join the village, but you have to zap them (and/or existing villagers) to Limbo ASAP in order to get yourself back down to the population limit.

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#6364 Challenges

Posted by rwv37 on 22 January 2018 - 05:52 PM

Two things I've done, neither of which I noticed in this list:


(1) Every available type of job is assigned one and only one villager, and no other villagers are allowed in the population. 


For example, when you place your campsite, your only available job type is builder.  So you assign one and only one builder, and you zap all of your other villagers to Limbo.  Your villager eventually builds a farm, so now farmer is available.  You therefore bring one and only one villager back from Limbo, and assign them as your one and only farmer.  If you later build another farm, that's great, but you do not get a second farmer.


If a villagers dies, you are allowed to bring in a replacement for them.


(2) Only one villager is allowed at a time.  If you want multiple jobs to be done, that villager has to switch back and forth between job types.  if the villager dies, you are allowed to bring in a replacement.

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#6230 Few suggestions related to GUI

Posted by rwv37 on 26 December 2017 - 02:21 PM

Regarding the buttons:


Left click = +1 or -1

Right click = +10 or -10

Shift-click = 0 or infinity



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#6220 Immerasion Breaking

Posted by rwv37 on 24 December 2017 - 05:54 PM

For what it's worth, I too would like to see a little more lore, please:


And lo, on the third day, THE LORD said unto his high priestess Beverly Crusher, thou shalt deliver this My message unto My people, that they shall know that THE LORD thy god is a busy god, and that when He saith unto thee that a certain tile of thy tiles needeth a road, thou shalt build thereat a road.  Thou shalt not build thereat a path, except that thou shalt thence build thereat a log path.  Thou shalt not build thereat a log path, except that thou shalt thence lay down cobble upon it.  And it is an abomination unto THE LORD that cobble be not covered by board.  But when the board covererth the cobble, woe unto thee who neglecteth laying the stone upon the board, for knoweth thou that THE LORD thy god shall visit His vengeance upon thee, and upon thy progeny, yea, unto the seventh generation, driving thee out from Springland unto the wastes of Death Pass.  But thou who layeth the stone upon the board, THE LORD thy god shall surely visit thee like a catjeet bearing gifts in the night, bestowing upon thee His blessings.



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#6080 Low on Essence

Posted by rwv37 on 03 December 2017 - 04:06 PM

There are two different things here - your essence, and your village's essence.  Your essence is the bar, which you use to cast spells.  The village's essence is the number next to the lightning bolt, which your towers and such use.


For your essence, there are several ways to replenish it:


(1) Let time pass.  It slowly increases over time.


(2) Dead bodies give off small amounts of essence, as do trees and other plants when you chop them down or harvest them.  If you wave your hand around areas with those things, you'll get some essence.


(3) If you hold your hand over an essence collector (which has essence), essence will be drained from the collector to you.


(4) If you use the Grab spell to drop something (creature, resource, item, whatever) into a cullis gate, it will give off essence, which you can collect with your hand.  Be careful not to drop too much too quickly, as a gate can overload, causing it to be damaged.  Like any other building, if it gets too damaged, it will be destroyed.  However, unlike most other buildings, you cannot repair ancient cullis gates (i.e. the ones that start the game on the map).  You can, however, repair cullis gates that you yourself have built.


(5) The Dissolve spell can be used on trees, crystals, and whatnot in order to dissolve them, giving off essence, which you can then gather with your hand.  Cast it in the right spot (e.g. a forest, so as to dissolve a bunch of trees), and you will get back more essence than it cost to cast the spell in the first place.


For the village's essence:


(1) All of the things above (except for "Let time pass") work, as long as you have essence collectors (which are not already full).  Just don't wave your hand around the loose essence, and the essence collectors will attract it.  So for example you can dissolve some trees and then move your hand away; your essence collectors will then get the essence.


(2) Additionally, essence collectors can "eat" crylithium, which creates essence.  It's not an immediate thing - it creates essence over a period of time.  I think the created essence gets put into the air, and then sucked back to the collector, so if a collector eats some crylithium, and then fills up on only a small amount of the essence that the crylithium created, I think that the "extra" essence can then be sucked up by other essence collectors (or your hand).


(3) When lightning rods are hit with lightning, essence will be created, which can then be sucked up by collectors or your hand.


As for the crystals -> essence life cycle:


(1) A crystal harvester harvests a crystal.


(2) The crystal is brought to a crystallery, either directly by a crystal harvester, or later by a crystaller or an organizer.


(3) A crystaller converts the crystal into crylithium.


(4) The crylithium is brought by a crystaller or an organizer to an essence collector.


(5) The essence collector eats the crylithium and generates essence.


Crystals grow back naturally over time, and crystal "forests" can expand, just like regular tree forests.  An appropriately placed crystal motivator will increase the speed.


One little trick to keep in mind: The Motivate Land spell can be used to regrow stuff that you have dissolved.  So you can use forests and whatnot as a sort of battery system, storing up essence during the bountiful times and harvesting it during the lean times:  When you have enough essence and nothing really is going on, Motivate Land on some forest or whatever outside of your town.  When you need essence, Dissolve that forest.  With respect to this, note that Motivate Land works much better when it's raining (no matter whether naturally or via the Storm spell).


I... think that's all I know about essence?

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#5994 A good idea poorly executed

Posted by rwv37 on 30 October 2017 - 07:56 PM

Wow, I strongly disagree with a lot of this regarding spells.  It seems we have very different playing styles.  Not only do I find many of your "useless" ones very useful, but also I'm not particularly enthralled with some of the ones you find useful.


Storm as a spell is more or less the same, however, I've found it's great for killing alot of enemy units, and it COULD destroy spawners if the lighting focused entirely on one or maybe even two. But the bolts are purely random, and it is still somehow less effective as a full bars worth of meteors concentrated on one spawner.



Storm is great.  Rain on demand.  This means not just water, but also an immediate opportunity to use Motivate Land.  Motivate Land means food, wood, and (as described below) stored essence for use in emergencies.


Dissolve is almost completely useless unless literally 50+ bodies are in one place, but even then, it never can get enough bodies to even pay itself back. There's literally no actual point for it as bodies will give you more just after waiting for ten seconds, and dissolving resources is nothing but a total waste.




Dissolve is great.  Essence on demand.  Use it on forests outside of your village.  You'll get back more essence from it than you spent on it.


Also, during times when you have enough essence, consider using Motivate Land (and possibly Storm) to grow back those forests outside of your village.  It's a great cycle - Motivate Land when you can, Dissolve when you need.  It's like charging up a battery so you can use it later.


Every spell above, save for Banish and Resurrect, really do nothing that justifies their cost. No god spell is a useful and permanent way of quickly removing masses of enemy units, and we sorta need this, since Banish, really isn't that useful unless you have a full bar to use.




Perhaps I missed it, but you don't seem to have mentioned Send to Limbo, which is phenomenally useful against masses of enemy units.  You don't need to send them all to Limbo; zap one judiciously chosen monster, and many monsters will stop in their tracks, then turn around and go home.


I use those spells - Storm, Motivate Land, Dissolve, and Send to Limbo - pretty frequently.  Others that I use frequently are:

  • Grab: Usually for dropping monsters in Cullis Gates, thus getting essence.  Occasionally for various other things: Getting something I want (like a sword) that dropped outside of the village and moving it in; moving something that I DON'T want (like a wooden sword) out of the village; grabbing a villager or doggo who has wandered too far afield and is in dangerous territory.  Also, once in a great while, I'll use it to harvest rock or wood or whatever, but I pretty much only do that in emergencies.
  • Take from Limbo: I usually have a few different villages going in the world at once, with different purposes, and sometimes move things back and forth between them.
  • Healing Aura: I use it occasionally on blighted or poisoned people/doggos.
  • Recall: Usually for getting nomads into the village before they die.  Sometimes for getting big clusters of resource drops (e.g. from nomads who did die, or from spawn pits that were destroyed).

Meteor, Flame, and Holy Golem I use only rarely; mostly if I happen to notice a spawn pit that is nearly dead but that has nobody attacking it.


Banish is rare; just a last-gasp defense if my normal methodology has failed and I desperately need to get a bunch of monsters out quickly.  My "normal methodology" being zapping to Limbo (as I described above, one per group of monsters) interspersed with occasional Grabs (for dropping monsters in the Cullis Gates, thus regaining mana).  That normally works well, even before I'm able to get a "real" defense up.


Earthquake, almost never, although I have used it a few times to try to grow some rock in areas I wanted to block off but where I couldn't easily build a wall.


Resurrect, almost never.  If I happen to notice a ghost doggo, I'll resurrect it, because I love the doggos.  Other than that, though, I don't really see why I should bother with Resurrect.

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#5734 Audible message alerts

Posted by rwv37 on 19 August 2017 - 05:47 PM

Currently some messages cause an audible ding, and some don't.  Please consider making them all do it.  Or, preferably, an option to ding or not ding.  Or, even more preferably, different such options for each possible message type.


For example, I really don't care all that much about "has leveled up", which currently dings.  But I care a lot about "has been completed", "has been fully repaired", and "has been destroyed", none of which currently ding.

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#5611 Roads

Posted by rwv37 on 11 July 2017 - 03:21 AM

"Lay to max" sounds good to me.

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#5595 Roads

Posted by rwv37 on 06 July 2017 - 03:22 PM

The "Should we allow more direct control" post today made me think of something that I really, really think should have much less direct control: Roads.


Building, upgrading, and maintaining roads is a total pain, especially in a large village.  It's crazy - a large percentage of my game time is spent literally poring over the map searching for more individual tiles that now can be upgraded, or that now need to be maintained.  Not to be overly critical, but honestly, it's not at all fun; it's a laborious chore.


And in a more theoretical, less practical sense, it doesn't really seem to make much sense given the "You don't have direct control" ethos that leads to decisions like "You can't tell the villagers what to store in what buildings".  It seems like the polar opposite of that - I mean, really, this supposedly indirect god has to tell villagers "Looks like that particular square yard of log path can be upgraded to stone now!"?


I suggest that waymakers don't really need direct control at all.  They could just autonomously build, upgrade, and maintain roads based upon where people actually walk.


If you want, you could still allow direct control of them for the rare edge cases where you want to do something like build a road in advance of it being a useful/used road.  Or in case there is someone somewhere out there who actually enjoys dealing with roads as they are today.  But I dunno, something like an "OK, waymakers, do your thing now" on/off switch would, I feel, be a huge improvement to the game.

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