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#5559 Farm and road

Posted by Kiyalynn on 17 June 2017 - 10:15 AM

Also, I would like the option to upgrade my farms in order to tell them what to grow, perhaps with the 5% speed/harvesting/growing bonus that the other professions get.


I have a carrot and turnip farm (got that way by carefully gathering food but some jerk planted a carrot in my turnip farm), but I've found potato's on my map too, I'd like a potato farm, but I have a feeling if I create a new farm, the workers will pull the raw food out of my storage to plant before planting the potato's.


By upgrading the farms you could allow the player to dictate (much like the elemental tower interface) what 'crop' to grow per farm, while allowing un-upgraded farms to be a mixture of foods.

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#5579 Suggestions and feedback

Posted by RaveN24 on 02 July 2017 - 01:44 AM

Heyo, RaveN (aka Reed from discord) here . 

I am going to do the same as Kiyalynn. All from me in one thread. I have a huge list of suggestions, improvements and things that I think could be done better. 


I did not read other threads so excuse me if I suggested something that was already posted by someone else or discussed in another thread. I am new here and I will try to check all the recent threads soon =)


First - things that I find annoying:



Someone died, Nomads etc. I wish to be able to click on this:




so it takes me to the place where Nomads appeared, someone died etc. It would be very useful.


F4 - Hide UI

It should hide more, everything: building progress, low energy, pause icon, cursor tooltip, etc.




Wall upgrade

Why not? It's not bigger, all the types are 1x1 so it just should be possible.


Double paths, building overlapping

It should be possible to construct a building / place it when yellow zones are overlapping.




I noticed that there's also a red zone under the building itself so it would work this way:


You can place a building if it overlaps another building's yellow zone but not red. 


It would let us make 1 tile wide paths between buildings (now it have to be 2 tile wide). The only thing that would have to be done is expanding the red zone under some of the buildings. There should be 1x1 or 2x1 red tile by entrances to prevent placing a wall so it's more realistic. 


Here's an example:




No idea if anyone understood what I mean > :P


Building rotating

I know it may be added later. It's a must have thing!


Deleting buildings, walls

I have to click every tile of the wall to dismantle it. What about "hold and draw" just like with selecting things to harvest?


Windows and brush status

I wish it remembers the size of my brush, status of the log window (the one on the bottom, I have it smaller) so I don't have to minimize it every time I load the map. Would be cool but meh, not that much needed.


Moving windows 

Map window for example, would be awesome.





Mess! Icons are too big, particle effects are not needed or could be reduced.


Upgradeable pits

Same as with walls, why not?




Now the other things, bugs and things that should not work as they currently do.



They should not attack everything that's on their way. Monsters are fine but damn graveyards? Eww.


In my opinion, monsters killed by Nomands should not drop essence or whatever this green thing is called. 


Monster paths

I don't like them. I wish monsters do not do them or they just disappear after some time, faster.


Fire monster spawners (pits) (forgot the damn name)

Can be shrekt by fireballs. Defeat fire with fire? No plz.


Hot when raining?

I am not sure how it works but my villagers are hot even when it's raining. They should not be or cool down a bit?


Building range reduced after placing a wall. 

It's kinda stupid and sometimes cause villager to be unable to go outside to dismantle or finish the wall. I am not sure if this done on purpose but it's annoying.



I think it could be cool to have them, maybe wooden and also stone that could be built over the lava? (Idk how lava works, did not play on them ap with it yet). Bridges would be just cool in the map editor.


Mouse scrolling

When hovering on those (especially in the editor):



Scrolling down = next page 



It's ugly. So bright.




Buildings, fire pits etc. should generate light and it should be more yellow/orange. (I know they do right know but radius and color is bad). Light should be created just around the buildings and it should be animated, simulate the light of campfire - getting brighter and darker if you know what I mean.


Taking from Limbo

Even when it's empty, it uses the energy aka influence. It takes it from the blue bar but you get nothing.


Editor - hole

Once created it's impossible to erase it. Easy way to mess up the map.


Editor shortcuts

ctrl+y, ctrl+z to redo/undo?




That's it for now. There is probably some stuff I forgot and much more I did not discover yet so expect more soon. Thanks.

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#5546 Resource Flow Control

Posted by Rayvolution on 10 June 2017 - 05:15 AM

They already do something like this. If they're stealing from the Bowyer, that means you were almost completely out of resources and they went there as their last ditch effort.


When storing resources, they pick high priority sources first (Bowyer and Lumber Mill for example), and low priority last (Lumber Shack, Ancillaries, etc). When taking things out, they do it in reverse. So if they were removing things from the Bowyer, chances are all the other sources were completely exhausted. :)

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