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Immerasion Breaking

23 December 2017 - 05:19 PM

I recently decided to play some more to see what's new.

I can no longer imagine this world existing at all. Your lack of focus has turned an intriguing idea into a mess. There is no RP left. Without the RP, the game can't decide if it is a God Game, Tower Defense, or City Builder, and is not successfully blending the three.

The core idea is that you are a god, directing villagers to create massive amounts of defense in the hope survive an apocalypse. The game intends its world to be SO dangerous that the hazards ramp up beyond the ability to deal with. You as god are doomed to fail, the danger is so great and continues building. BUT-- this danger magically fails to apply to other forces in your game world. There are HORDES of undead roaming the countryside and yet there are people who choose to wander from place to place. You struggle to survive building crazy amounts of defenses and mazes to protect yourselves, and yet, there are caravans wandering the wilderness (not even on roads) TRADING GOODS like nothing bad is going on out there?

There is little godlike left to this game. The 'god' powers are weak and unimpressive, and the villagers too dumb to do anything by themselves, including auto update and repair roads (as you still have to do this one tile at a time, over 5 levels). The addition of a functional market to your 'dangerous apocalypse'? No. Just no!

Your lack of innovation on names and ideas is not cute. This game is not Elder Scrolls (Khajiit merchant caravans). You forgot to mention that your Catjeet come from "Elsewhere" (Elsweyr). Anything and everything that fails to support the core notion that the world is fatally dangerous ought to go. Or else the original idea has to go and you should pick another one (ONE) on which to build a new game, and do that.

An apocalyptic city survival game sounded awesome. But your design is arguing with itself to a point where I can't believe in it any more. Your lore is what held things together. Break that, and it's just a mess now.

Before you add anything else, ask "Does this actually fit the game I'm making?" Focus on your core idea, before the whole thing runs down the drain.


23 June 2017 - 02:33 PM

I'm going to stop cluttering the forums with multiple threads and just update one thread with things. My husband is a game developer so I always have a lot of feedback for games,


My first game I played on traditional, went to year 2 with a population over 200 before declaring the game won and jumping up the difficulty. Second game is in winter of the first year.


- I am playing build InDev 26c on steam-



- The game is addictive, it definitely has a 'one more day' feel to it.

- The color coding is brilliant. I very much enjoy the villagers having a different color shirt for their job. ( Totally hope the guards show up in helmets and armor esque shirts would be an awesome compliment to the rest of the system). This includes the color code for harvesting, green for villager on the way, yellow for reachable, red for unreachable.

- I love the idea behind limbo and transferring people and minerals map to map. I haven't seen a city builder that chains games together since Pharaoh.

- I really like the  full moon, and the fact that the full moon makes ghost show up like crazy!

- Up-gradable buildings.



- The cloud shadows are un-needed (you can tell its raining by the rain and lightning) and too dark. I spent far too long wondering why my town was so hard to see and why the lights weren't doing anything before I noticed the cloud shape.

- Fan-names - I've noticed Star-trek, Game of thrones, Harry Potter, and celebrities (even Donald McRonald). Once you start noticing them you just keep noticing them, and its a unneeded annoyance. Honestly I'd keep the kickstarter names and then just upload a baby names database to the game.


Needs work:

- Tower tool tips - It should say what towers can shoot over what walls, I just built a sling tower, but it doesn't seam to shoot over my stone wall.

- The 'news' panel tells me when people 'mated'... but doesn't keep a notice of who died. Meaning if you missed the top of the screen message you just missed it.

- Recall may be a little overpowered as I recall all the nomads that sow up to my  town.



- Would be kind of cool to have 'new moon' to go along with full moon. With the new moon having additional difficulty on the wave. With this you may need to make the new and full moon's happen in a predictable fashion so players can prepare for the stronger waves.

- Light on a wall. I find the fire pits in the middle of the wall is a little silly, I'd honestly like a wall with a fire on it

- Would be very helpful if there was a in-game help book, with general tips, explaining the color codes and the day timer.

- Pick what vegetable to plant per farm. Yes this is a OCD thing... I just don't want someone planting carrots in my turnip farm. Also, It might be cool if farms of specific types get a bonus for what terrain they are planted on. Cactus on Sand, Carrots, turnip, potato's on grass, ect.

Villager names

18 June 2017 - 09:22 PM

It is very apparent that you are a Star Trek and Game of thrones fan....

I really feel the obvious fact that you've purposely put names from shows/actors/actresses in the game takes away from it.


When I'm playing I really don't need/want to see: Worf, Keiko O'Brian, Kathren Janway, Jadzia Dax, Sansa Stark, Ned Stark, Cersei Lannistar, Whoppi Goldberg, Jessica Alba... and probably a whole bunch more from shows I'm not current with.


Honestly, I worry you could be running into copy right infringements with so many names that it can't be put in as a 'accidental' happenstance from the name generator.


Please, just set up a random generator for first and last names for all the villagers, and stop with the specifically naming villagers after Hollywood characters.

Farm and road

17 June 2017 - 09:59 AM

I think Farms should be able to use dirty water, using clean water only if dirty is unavailable. You provide the ability to harvest water once the farms are active, but without a purifier that water has no purpose. So as it is now, it seams like the 'dirty water' mechanic is an unneeded extra, when a small tweak could make it a far more important resource. Also, plants simply don't need clean water.


My second suggestion is, allow buildings to overlap their most outside rim. As it is now, you have a 'double road' between every buildings, with a weird figure 8 look because the tiles do not merge to make a nice seamless double road. By allowing the outside rim on buildings to overlap, you allow the roads to become a simpler better looking single road. (another option would be to remove that outside rim on the buildings themselves and make players determine where the roads should be, but that might have more path finding problems)