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#5607 Feedback Needed: A slight design paradigm shift into more player control.

Posted by Kiyalynn on 08 July 2017 - 11:07 PM

I feel that there are far too many things the player does to order villagers around for me to consider your game anything but management with god like second as it is.... I honestly thought it was suppose to be a management game.

I have to compare the idea of 'god-like' to Reus, a game where you play a set of gods and your only interaction is to place the landscape and resources for the planet's population to use. You have zero control over the villagers but instead effect how they develop by the quality of resources around the villages. For this reason, I consider everything but god powers to be in the management category. Your game so far, has limited god powers, to the point the player could choose NOT to use them and still survive, that tells me this is a management game, as a god game would mean the god powers MUST be used.

I look at this game and given its current design, I personally don't think this game has the capability to be a true 'god-like'. God like doesn't bring up the ideas of me directing villagers to build my prefect maze with dug ditches in the lanes or managing their 'day and night' cycles to expand during the day and rest at night like. I have to add, that having to Miro-manage the clearing of FLOWERS, rocks, and trees before a building can be placed on an area is more management than town managers such as Banished, where villagers go clear the land after you choose the location for a building.

God like would mean minimal interaction with the villagers, and I don't see that in this game.

On top of all the the management parts of the game that aren't god like... there is the idea that an ai for this type of 'survival' game, could be smart enough to make the player happy leaving them to their devices, to me that is far fetched, and I don't mean that as a dis to your programing skills. Its just the fact that AI's are the hardest to program, and every game I have ever seen the AI is flawed... it simply cannot account for every probability every event and come up with a good answer. From villagers getting trapped between a wall and a rock or when a tree grows on the path they won't go chop it down to get out but instead stand there and starve.Then there's my favorite the villager that randomly decides to wander out though the entire maze and just hang out there like it was some sort of thrill (that villager died a horrible death because they were so dumb I wasn't going to save them). These are problems that will frustrate players, and the less ability the player has to direct villagers 'save' themselves the more frustrating they become (I don't' want to spend my god powers constantly to 'rescue' dumb villagers). Another AI problem for god-like is things like the tool smith and armor smith using all the Iron bars when there is plenty of tools and armor rather than saving some for towers, I solved that problem by simply not building either of the smiths as not having an Iron stockpile is a fatal mistake.

The problem with going God like instead of management is it puts far more pressure on the villager's AI being smarter. After all, if you had less control to harvest minerals... and villagers are constantly opening holes in the rock/forest walls it wouldn't be much fun to play, so you put the 'management' into that and have players tell villagers where to harvest, This could be fixed with 'farms' for resources a place able mine or wood farm, but then your switching the player from choosing what to harvest... to choosing to build the building which isn't god like either.

If you went god-like, more things should be automatic. Such as the tedious job of upgrading roads one at a time. That should be build a way maker and they auto upgrade paths. Villagers should upgrade buildings, find their own jobs,automatically harvest materials from nearby when needed (like I turned off gathering water because I had piles of dirty water on the map, and then none of the villagers bothered to start harvesting again when the purifiers were empty and they all dehydrated). The problem with taking the player out of this stuff is then... what does the player do, if not manage the game?

I also feel I should point out to people... that god-like games, ARE management games. You have to manage your god powers, your influence. Debating this is a subtle difference, just changing one type of management for another.

I for one, vote forget the genre's as regardless as to what subcategory it fits, its a management game.... go with what makes the game fun. After all, the most important thing is for a game to be entertaining and fun.
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#5572 Feedback

Posted by Kiyalynn on 25 June 2017 - 12:14 PM

Currently I'm unsure as to what purpose building a Tool smith or Armory has. I don't see the point in using building slots or population when gear drops so generously from monsters.


I have not built a single one in my game, yet , on day 24, I have: 56 swords, 3 pick axe, 7axe, 9 hoe, 2 hammers, 4 shovels, 33 leather, helmets, 24 leather chest, 21 iron helmets, 23 Iron chest... and that's not counting any gear on my villagers.

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#5571 Feedback

Posted by Kiyalynn on 24 June 2017 - 08:42 PM

I feel like 'nomad' is the wrong name for the people arriving to your town. Nomads are groups of people who move around as a community or for pleasure. It just seams kinda crazy that they would just move from place to place as a choice in such a deadly environment.


I think renaming them 'Survivor' or 'Refugee' would better keep with the apocalyptic feel the rest of the game gives, it implies that there was another settlement that was destroyed in the oncoming hordes and these people managed to make it close enough for you to try and rescue them.

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#5559 Farm and road

Posted by Kiyalynn on 17 June 2017 - 10:15 AM

Also, I would like the option to upgrade my farms in order to tell them what to grow, perhaps with the 5% speed/harvesting/growing bonus that the other professions get.


I have a carrot and turnip farm (got that way by carefully gathering food but some jerk planted a carrot in my turnip farm), but I've found potato's on my map too, I'd like a potato farm, but I have a feeling if I create a new farm, the workers will pull the raw food out of my storage to plant before planting the potato's.


By upgrading the farms you could allow the player to dictate (much like the elemental tower interface) what 'crop' to grow per farm, while allowing un-upgraded farms to be a mixture of foods.

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