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In Topic: Immerasion Breaking

16 January 2018 - 07:31 PM

I find it HIGHLY unprofessional that you would post my review here for active fans to troll with negative comments, rather than leaving the comments here to the forums.


You and your fans have been harassing me for a month over a single negative review. Thus the deleting comments.


I do not wish to have my steam account linked to these forums. Please Remove the links to my review and from my review here. I do not wish to be harassed by fans and you anymore. Just leave me alone.


My negative review stands. As far as context goes, it remains here for anyone who decides to check out the forums direct links are unnecessary and unprofessional. Especially since Steam does not want ANYONE posting outside links in the comments.

In Topic: Immerasion Breaking

24 December 2017 - 08:52 PM

I'm not changing my direction. If your "game developer husband" had any sense, he would see the game is rated at 92%, realize I'm obviously doing something right, and be more interested in why the game is a success, not nitpick over minor details and make assumptions.


I'm sorry; you're being completely unreasonable. The game isn't what you thought it was, and all I can do is apologize. Most people enjoy this game, including yourself. So a negative review seems very underhanded.


I feel like you just bought into the game expecting something entirely different than what was planned. The game is going in the direction it has always intended to be; a godlike game with village management and tower defense mechanics.


Additionally, if any lore is worked on, it will happen after the game is nearing leaving Early Access. Working on lore in a game like this during Early Access would be a waste of energy, this isn't a lore driven game. I can write canon excuses for why the mechanics exist later. Most games in this genre don't even have lore, it's just how the genre is. After the fact lore is easy, I can simply say "The Catjeet are nomads who travel from village to village buying and selling their wares, monsters tend to ignore them because while they are intelligent and somewhat humanoid, the monsters have a taste for human flesh and Catjeet taste terrible. So, they tend to ignore the Catjeet unless provoked." Boom, there's your canon lore. But, most people who play these games don't care enough to warrant the time for me to write out everything.


You are going to tell me, that mindless zombies willing to walk in line though a maze of death, are capable of mindfully thinking 'oh that's that thing that tastes bad' and then choose to ignore it? -facepalm- This just proves my point, you contradict yourself throughout the game. In order for the MAZING tower defense (what YOU ADVERTISED for the game) to be a valid concept, the aggressors have to be mindless enough to fall for it (after all even animals would learn to avoid that area). Considering we are fighting 'Headless', and undead, I was more than willing to believe that idea and follow the lore that design concept brought... Now you tell me these monsters are smart enough to choose not to eat something because it 'tastes bad'? How does something that is headless eat anyway?... Sorry, not believing it.


You also brought to the table the lore concept of this being a survival game, meaning you are scrounging for supplies, and yet there is a fully functional market, two design concepts that simply do not mesh, and goes against what you advertised for the game.


I do not feel it is underhanded to write a "non-recommending' review to a game that is verging off of its core design concepts, because like it or not just the premise of being a survival tower defense has lore attached to it, lore that is completely broken by the newest updates. This game is not becoming what you have advertised it as, and your defensiveness over constructive criticism, shows a lack of professionalism. If you didn't want criticism, you shouldn't of opened your game up to early access and announce that customers get to 'Have a say' in the game design.


Yes, I did put 250 hours into this game. I did it because I enjoy helping game developers and this game intrigued me with its concept and showed promise. I enjoyed the lore concept put forth by the Tower defense survival game. That is broken now, and instead of realizing what you had was good it just needed to be refined and polished, you are pushing forward reaching for something else entirely. I have no choice but to throw this game into the pile with 'Towns'  as something that showed promise, received High early access reviews for concept it put forth, but due to design choices became a failure.


I wish to thank you for your replies, now that I know where this game is headed I will spend my time elsewhere. I hope you are right and that no one else really cares about the 'minor details' of lore and design contradictions.


Wishing you the best in your endeavor.

~ Kiyalynn

In Topic: Immerasion Breaking

24 December 2017 - 12:19 PM

Then the question is, for those looking happy with the lore concept you threw out in the store blurb and were happy to make up their own ideas based on the premise of it, WHY do you purposely cut them out? Why cut out the lore of a game that showed promise to have a rare concept?


As for the game play... this game has low standards for 'stimulating' game play. Without the lore, I find myself uninterested in playing it. I can find all the mechanics of this game done to a FAR better extent by loading up a different game.


I'm sorry but the lazy knockoff names, is really not cute, they do not make me smile, they make me bang my head on the desk. When I told my GAME DEVELOPER husband about it he called it 'amateur programing'. Without a consistent lore, your game lacks design consistency it is scattered and unfocused, a path that will always lead it to be an amateur game.


I'm sorry, but if that is where you plan to go with this game, I'm going to have to change my positive review of it.

In Topic: Game Direction

23 December 2017 - 04:32 PM

I highly agree, this game has no direction anymore.


Its a city builder, a god game, a world that is so dangerous you must build massive defenses to protect yourself with the idea that you are going to lose.... and now a market game (how traders magically get past the HORDES of zombies to trade goods is anyone's guess).

In Topic: Leaving the village to get junk

12 July 2017 - 09:34 AM

Funny thing is even with the attract tower... if the villager has already set to go get the item before the attract tower grabs it then they still go though the maze to get it... I watched many of my villagers try to go get a item and were headed though my maze even after the attract tower had pulled it inside my walls.