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Rework of spreading mechanics for resource patches

25 June 2019 - 07:20 PM

also I had a suggestion for reworking how things spread across the map again that could work well in conjunction with the hunting update considering food and trees and how they spread different than crystals. I wanted to make a compromise of sorts. you could make the spread of ALL resources (except stone) a sort of bell curve function as to how fast it makes new tiles around it. You would need a method to find the size of the entire patch of what ever material it is and all the tiles it takes up (harvested, dead or not) and then make it to where it will make new tiles by a certain amount around it by a percentage of influenced by the variable of that bell curve. So if it’s small it will grow a little comparative to its size. Then as it gets bigger it starts growing more and more until it starts to drop off again once it’s reached a pretty big size. This could make tiles grow again, but not take the entire map. Could add back a little it of fun as well and remove some of the OP crap that motivate land has. This could also help with how late game crystal patches just take up TOO much of the map if left unchecked and could make other resources spreadable again since It doesn't make sense that they won't do it naturally


Small Little Addition (Fireflies)

15 January 2019 - 09:22 PM

Just around trees in the more forested biomes at night, I would like to see some life in the undergrowth. Fireflies could just be simple single pixel Dots like the particles everywhere else, but they would glow a greenish yellow in a kind of fade in and out brightness pattern. Nothing too elaborate (most likely can just be randomly moving particles that fly in little clusters sometimes) Plus it can be added in the fishing and hunting update! I would love to see them, and I feel they would give the forests not only a more lively look but also flesh out the details of the game that much more as well.
Kind of like this but a bit more fade like instead of blinking [Just an example of them from Terraria which give a relatively good example of what I would like to see]
*Taken Directly from discord*