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#6214 Immerasion Breaking

Posted by Rayvolution on 23 December 2017 - 11:26 PM

It sounds like you are misunderstanding what the game is meant to be. From day 1 I never cared much about the lore. The little lore that exists, if you can even call it lore, is just excuses for the game design with a fun, sometimes purposely cliche, twist like the Catjeet.


Many of your posts talk about breaking immersion and lazy lore designs (Fanfict names, the catjeet, etc). The reality is they're there just for the fun of it. I could have easily written some little in depth reason why the provisioners exist, made them friendly gnolls, trolls, or something else. But everything done in the game is done for the sake of fun, and to make people smile.


Future content is going to go even father out there, some of the future biomes planned are completely off the wall; like a "candyland" tileset, where the rocks are made of chocolate and the trees are candycanes, or a "Moon" tileset.


The core purpose and direction of RtR is simply to make a fun game. Not to tell an in depth story, or immerse the player into a world. Sadly, you may be looking for something in RtR that wasn't ever meant to exist.


But, the good news is I am going to overhaul the godlike side in a few patches (Not the next though). I have a ton of plans for churches, worshippers, and many more spells.

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#6801 After watching that one video on youtube I beat a survival game. Here are my...

Posted by JinM on 02 November 2018 - 06:00 AM

So here I am, played the game back in August 2016 the last time. It greatly improved in my opinion. I used this video (https://www.youtube....h?v=NP8bv7r0QgE), it explained pretty well how to "win" the game (I suggest to link it as advanced tutorial video). But it also mentioned, that you can play the game as sort of "tower defense" where you only try to occupy a small part of the map instead of battling the corruption at its doorstep.


I just used the mentioned "expand as quickly to the corruption and contain it" technique and even had to mine out a big chunk of a mountain to stop it from spreading.


I had a great time figuring the game out, this city is my third attempt on beating the game. I feel that I now can easily expand on new maps, but I guess that's not too hard. As you mentioned back then in 2016, I guess I hit the content border again. ;)


Full album with four images of my whole city: https://imgur.com/a/MQvLKIA





Anyway, after my second big playthrough let me share a big list of my thoughts first, and suggestions for each one:


1.) I feel I don't like that I am forced to use the expand-to-contain strategy to have an easy time. There should be more bonuses to turtling, like aura towers, or a small network of "power lines" that can only expand from your stronghold for a maximum diameter of 50 tiles.


2.) I used the trading but it felt wrong. The trade building is way too expensive and an experienced player would never build it before the end of winter, other economic buildings have a way higher importance to my economy. Trading should be more important, and a cool economy simulation factor. I would love to rise my city to glory with elaborated high trading values.


I would love to see improvements here, for a silly brainstorm example...loans? Factions trade with you and the higher the trust the bigger the loans, each faction represents a ressource cluster. If I now have for example just a few crystals on my map that are enough to reach day 20 but not onwords, I would need to trade with the "crystal and magic faction". I trade with them a lot and so my trust rises, but also my personal dependency of my city to get their ressources. So my highest possible loan I can get is from the mentioned faction as I gained a high trust from the big trading, but if I don't pay it back I loose the trade possibility and maybe even get attacked.


But I think there are many other possibile solutions here too. Just heighten the overall trading value and let me make a big strifing trade city, that would be great.


3.) Late game buildings. I guess you allready got something like that in the pipeline.


I just want to mention here one thing: I would really appreciate achievement buildings that require me to have expanded onto at least one tile and be there at least 20 days.


It would be great, if I had a reason to revisit my starting city, and build additional buildings there, after I unlocked them via beating other regions.


4.) Militia villagers. They are too weak in my opinion. If I use some of my workers to defend my village early game, it should really make a big difference. They should be able to wield better swords, and also have magic abilities. Right now this game is a "golem spam rts city simulator". ;)


5.) Cats and birds. Not just dogs. Maybe horses? I don't know. I know you used dogs because they can carry stuff, and I really like them. Maybe a high value of cats can fight back corrupted landscape? Maybe horses can be used by militia, crystal and wood golems? Maybe horses could be used to lessen trade losses because you have from your trade routes.


6.) The spell icons should be more distinctive. I searched spells on the list. Each icon isn't different enough from the others. For example the "mend" spell is really hard to find. I allways have to hover over all the green spells descriptions until I find it. Dissolve and the spell next to it are also very indifferent I had to read their description again and again because I couldn't remember this "all the same" symbolds.


7.) Fire elementals burn down my buildings quickly, and I would like some water or mending building that helps me save my buildings from them with another static defense building. Right now I have to cherrypick them with the "grab" spell and put them into water. :D


8.) Learning by failing is a good concept, but I would be great if loosing was "slower". Often enough it was totally clear that I lost my first city, because the enemies destroyed more than 4 buildings. I was forced to doom the world to build a new city from scratch. There should be benefits from playing on in the same worlds, even if I somehow lost my first city.


And there should be ways that I can recover from fatal beatings, like when I lost 1/3 of my buildings.


Another reviewer on steam pointed this out very nice: Loosing in this game isn't fun. You simply can't recover if you didn't master all its parts and build a flawless first city. If the first city isn't flawless, you simply don't reach day 20 and you don't migrate to other regions.


Suggestion here: Let me get migration bonuses if I resettle early on, for example at day 9 or 11, and let me have ways to reclaim a city that lost 50% of its buildings and where the corruption allready took over 50% of the map.


If you guys read until here: Thank you for reading. Have a good time, and thanks for the great game!



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#6630 Some questions from a noob.

Posted by Bolgfred on 12 July 2018 - 07:18 AM

You cant win



More or less there are two values x and y. x is the amount of corruption tiles that currently exist. y is the minimal limit that must exist. If you push corruption back or cage it in you can push the amount x back until it reaches y but nut below that point.

AFAIK y grows slower than x and is not related to monster buildings and such. For a more detailed explanation you can read the explanation of the God Emperor Ray himself >>here<<



As for the limbo migration thigns ... haven't used them so far, but in the old versions you had 2 buttons for limbo, an arrow up and one down, for taking into and droping outto the limbo.

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#6651 Deer mob + full animations 128 slides

Posted by FlakMac on 15 July 2018 - 06:45 AM

I recently started playing the game and have had lots of fun trying out all of the difficulties, RtR reminds me so much of some of my favourite old strategy games. something i have noticed in all of my games is that the wilderness seems very barren. Whilst the emptiness could make sense considering the corruption thing, i think some animals would have survived, so i made a deer mob.


I've animated 6 of it's actions, these are all 8 slide 16x16 and account for a total of 128 slides, to complete this i would also need to do north and south animations, but some of these dont need them such as decaying and dying.


1rBZ2g7.gif running.gif


fbi7o70.gif walking.gif


sXb39Qo.gif  grazing.gif


uOvKzBX.gif idle.gif


QpAuy9u.gif dying.gif


ibCU81g.gif decomposing.gif


What do you guys think of this? Would a deer be too out of place and do you think a hunting feature would be fun, i just like the idea of populating the wilderness.


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#5340 Easter Eggs

Posted by Ystzom on 20 February 2017 - 10:55 AM

Has anyone noticed the Easter eggs at the title screen and the world map?
After some digging I found about 16 in total.
Title screen:
Killing 50 Monsters by casting fireballs triggers a 8-Bit version of the Main Theme.
World Map:
SixtyGig Logo:
FallenShogun Logo:

Yin and Yang:











Super Mario:




Star Trek Enterprise:








Minecraft Pickaxe:




Dwarf Fortress:




Mega Man:




Legend of Zelda Hearts:








Dancing Banana:




Harry Potter Villager:



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#4612 Unofficial Retro-Pixel Castles Screenshot Thread

Posted by Elementis on 10 May 2016 - 05:56 AM

A little piece of tower defense :D
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#4812 Unofficial Retro-Pixel Castles Screenshot Thread

Posted by piotrp04 on 10 June 2016 - 06:44 AM

Mazing does make the job done, right now they hardly make it through the first few corners.


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#1557 Unofficial Retro-Pixel Castles Screenshot Thread

Posted by Rayvolution on 31 October 2014 - 02:10 AM

If anyone is ever bored, I also keep a semi-public record of every screenshot I've ever taken during the entire process of development from day 1 to now. :)




Enjoy the RPC history!

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#6579 Reliable starter guides for more recent versions

Posted by Molez on 10 June 2018 - 06:10 AM

I've played about 20 hours of this game over the last 18 months or so. I really enjoy it, but the lack of online content really makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong.


I'm not sure what yardsticks I'm meant to use to measure my progress? Other than relying on Nomads how do I get my population up? It feels stretched by day 3 or so (which may be me spreading myself too thing on buildings)...


When should you be pushing back against the corruption vs. just building a tower defence setup to buy you time?


When do you move onto your second map?

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#6361 Challenges

Posted by Amarae on 22 January 2018 - 11:37 AM


Completed my own challenge (5++), no Walls, Towers(including T3 Outposts/Barracks) or Combobulators (Including holy golems) on Survival difficulty.

Also completed the #7 "Energy free" challenge, did not build a Harvestry/Crystillery/Collector.

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#6358 Challenges

Posted by Tiberiumkyle on 22 January 2018 - 12:17 AM

Here's the file to drop into a custom world for my special challenge, if you want to minimize digging into the files yourself.



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#6365 Challenges

Posted by rwv37 on 22 January 2018 - 05:55 PM

Should have explicitly said: In either of those scenarios, if nomads come in, it's OK if they join the village, but you have to zap them (and/or existing villagers) to Limbo ASAP in order to get yourself back down to the population limit.

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#6364 Challenges

Posted by rwv37 on 22 January 2018 - 05:52 PM

Two things I've done, neither of which I noticed in this list:


(1) Every available type of job is assigned one and only one villager, and no other villagers are allowed in the population. 


For example, when you place your campsite, your only available job type is builder.  So you assign one and only one builder, and you zap all of your other villagers to Limbo.  Your villager eventually builds a farm, so now farmer is available.  You therefore bring one and only one villager back from Limbo, and assign them as your one and only farmer.  If you later build another farm, that's great, but you do not get a second farmer.


If a villagers dies, you are allowed to bring in a replacement for them.


(2) Only one villager is allowed at a time.  If you want multiple jobs to be done, that villager has to switch back and forth between job types.  if the villager dies, you are allowed to bring in a replacement.

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#5489 new job: warrior

Posted by Adustust on 22 April 2017 - 03:33 PM

Yea, I was thinking that having a military academy building with soldier worker base would be fantastic.  Would definitely give you a better reason to have the clinic making bandages, putting your extra babies and nomads to use, as well as the armor smith and tool makers.

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#5348 Gates

Posted by PixelDonkey on 23 February 2017 - 05:37 PM


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