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#5535 Random Events

Posted by Vedov on 28 May 2017 - 02:03 PM

Monsters spawn, food needs to be produced, and so forth. These things are regulated by (mathematical?) values that are predetermined before the game starts. If these values do not change, then at some point the player will have built a village that can withstand everything the game will throw at them. On the other hand, if these values increase continually, eventually it will be impossible for the player's village to survive. The game needs something to keep it interesting once the player has established a powerful, thriving village. The player should have to continually adapt to the game environment for their village to survive.


To this end, I have a suggestion; Random events. Some events could occur without warning, while others could warn the player (Event X in Y days). The player would have to modify their village to deal with these events. I have a few preliminary suggestions for event types, but they are not really the important part of this post. The idea of random events in general is my main point.


1. A night with a ridiculous number of monsters spawning (and/or bosses?)

2. Droves of pests coming out of the forest/rocks/whatever to steal food/water/etc.

3. Flying monsters

4. Tunneling monsters

5. Meteorites/Tornadoes/Large map-scale fires (firefighters?)/other natural disasters

6. Regeneration of rock (villagers die if rock appears on top of them) (This would also solve the problem of there being a limited supply of rock in the map)


Random events could become enabled after X days, which would give the player time to build up a village before random things start trying to kill them. Of course, the number of days before random events are enabled could be chosen by the mapmaker, or the player in custom mode.

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#5404 Complex Modifiable Difficulty Settings

Posted by Vedov on 20 March 2017 - 05:33 PM

Right now the game has one difficulty setting in survival mode. As it stands, it falls entirely on the developer to make the game both fun and challenging. With only one hard difficulty setting, the balance between fun and challenging is precarious.


If there were a difficulty menu where different aspects of the game could be altered by the player before starting a game (e.g., monster spawn rate, thirst and hunger consumption rates... whatever else...), then the players could do the work of balancing the game. This sort of setup has more than just the benefit of letting players have some control over the difficulty. It also allows for different kinds of games to emerge from the same program. A game with a high monster spawn rate and a low food consumption rate requires a different strategy than a game with a low monster spawn rate and a high food consumption rate.


This game seems to be about creating a village that doesn't get screwed over (at least not too quickly). But if the trials you face are always the same, then the same (or similar) strategy can be employed routinely. Hence, the player only goes through the agony (and fun) of figuring out how to raise a village once.


Having a difficulty menu with numerous modifiable variables would allow players to create their own insanely difficult and unique variations to the game. Players would need to develop new strategies to deal with different difficulty settings.

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