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24 April 2016 - 09:49 AM

You can help your villagers get through winter by using the "motivate land" spell on some food tiles on the map.
This both spreads them and regrows the food growing there.

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28 March 2016 - 06:34 PM

1. Yeah... yeah. As you said.

2.  Might get a little complex don't you think? As the single developer Ray can only work on so much content, not to speak of an entire (and kinda pointless-seeming) system. Also, I do not think this should be as much about individual villagers as that...

3. Hmm... yeah, in a way, although this is also more individualization.

4. Heroes are not a higher rank or something... they are just villagers with slightly psychopathic traits which make them more efficient in combat but less functional in society... so it is rather no promotion. You are also supposed to care about all your villagers, not just a few of them...
Promoting them to warriors on the other hand simply means assigning them as guards.

5. Well... you are supposed to be god-like, so your abilities to sense something should not be bound to what your villagers do, like building something... what I think you are and should be rather asking for is simply more information on the minimap, because

6. yeah, it is rather useless at the moment.

7. I think zooming out further would provide rendering issues, although those would be mostly due to Ray's rendering code.

8. Maybe, there's still a way down the road on interface...
You could try to memorize job dressing colors for now though...

9. Uhh... are you sure your game's resolution isnt't just really thin? This should usually not happen otherwise...

10. Yeah... kinda...

11. Wait... what is a guard tower? There is no such thing in this game! There are autofiring defense towers that need to be fueled all in their own way, and there are guard buildings which basically just let you assign villagers to nothing but defense. How did you manage to assign villagers to any tower? Are we talking about the same game? o_o

12/13. Heh, by personal experience I would throw my bets for a probable cause on the AI, but since this is still early access this is indeed the kind of thing you should report, since the game is already released to be able to fix those.