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#3793 Limbo portal

Posted by Rojo10000 on 26 September 2015 - 09:16 AM

When you start a new World Map, and a new region, and when you build the village center, you receive automatically a few villagers and recurses, and then, only at the cost of influence points, you can take out and put in as many things as you want in the Limbo. I would like to see something like a "Limbo Portal". You would receive as always villagers and resources when you build the village center, but if you want to take out or put in villagers or resoures, you'll need a Limbo Portal. Another thing related to this: you can't choose which resource you want to take. For example: you want to take food from the limbo, but it is the last thing on it. With the Limbo Portal there would be a new GUI: at the bottom, a few buttons with each resource and villager you have on the Limbo, so you are free to take the things you want.


(PS: The Limbo Portal would work either with influence points or/and Essence (Crylithium). It also needs villagers to take out and put in the resources and other villagers)


I hope you understand this large text :P (inspiration while playing RPC...)

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