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Idle / wandering villagers

24 February 2016 - 07:54 AM

Dear Ray, I have played a few maps now and I experienced the following thing: In the start I work my villagers hard to get the village going, only unassigning them to keep happiness between 50~70. So at some point I have a decent village with enough defence to take care of all the monsters. I decide that now it's time for the villagers to breed so I can collect more villagers for another map trough limbo. What I do is I idle a big portion of my villagers (let's say 35 out of 50, I keep the rest for crystals and food), I see my happiness rising and some mating happening.


I have to say the mating proces seems slow, even after 2 hours of absolute idling. But the worst thing is that my villagers seem to be suicidal. They keep wandering outside my village, stand and fight monsters outside of tower range and just fight themself to death. If i am not constantly babysitting them, using recal and grab, they just go and get killed. This doesn't happen as long as they have work to do, beacuse the work is normally done inside the safety of the village guarded by fire bolt towers.


I once tested this when I went out to do groceryshopping: I left my village (survival island) completly secure, I had two layers of about 8 fire bolt towers and my village covered practicly the whole inside of the map. Still, i got back after 30 min (letting the game play) and i had only 47 of 62 villagers left.


One time I just looked away from the frontline to mark some food to be gathered and a band of lvl 5 zombie killed 2 villagers in a heart beat. They just stood there fighting to be killed.


This gets me a bit frustrated since I work so hard to get some babies in the village, wich can take hours, and then i look away for a min and somebody gets killed for nothing (right in front of 8 super charged firebolt towers).


Is it possible you make it (alot) more likely for villagers to wander to their home or the village centre (or wander around them)? Or like I have seen suggested in other posts: Make a town square or marketplace or any other public place wich atracts idle villagers, maybe increasing the chance to fall in love, increase happiness etc.


I was also thinking about an option where you can give general fighting orders to your villagers for example:

1) Agressive: Villagers attack any monster in sight (with all the behaviour rules that apply now in game)

2) Defensive: Villagers only attack when really needed (i.e. defending buildings)

3) Always flee: Villagers make no attempt at all to fight and always flee.


These implementations would greatly enhance the playing experience for me and allow me to concentrate more on other micro management and building / harvesting etc. without having to worry about my idle villagers all the time.


This post became a bit more extensive then I intended but I guess you get the point  :P


For the rest I love everything that do you have done for the game so far, especially 18.3!  :wub:  I enjoy the game very much, the building, the working and fighting.