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In Topic: Build InDev 31 Unstable 3 Released

08 August 2018 - 05:18 AM

I logged in to play this game after about an 18 month hiatus.  Here is my feedback on the changes since then.



Excellent changes:

1. New enemy base (Corruption zone + enemy spawn rules).  The best addition to the game because enemies come from one spot and they don't linger around during the day time.

2. Multiple hauling.  Really speeds things up and lowers the number of villagers you need.

3. Production targets.  




1. Game speed. BIG thank you for this.

2. Spell panel. I think it's a bit clunky (which I addressed in the GUI discussion thread) but it's a nice addition.

3. I never used the analytics on the pause screen.  Seems like a lot of unnecessary information for the most part.

4. Game-pausing tips screen was nice.  Really focuses the player's attention.




1. Past day 10, game is rather taxing on processor. Is this game leaking memory or something? It's using like 3 GB and the processor is routinely spiking up to 100%.

2. Game doesn't force you to "make meaningful decisions" as this review  puts it.  Every map, you build the same things, fight the same enemy-horde, get the same upgrades.  

In Topic: Lets talk about Graphical User Interface!

08 August 2018 - 04:07 AM

1.  I REALLY would like the ability to reassign mouse buttons.  In particular, I would like to swap buttons 2 and 3 because I am used to pressing down the mouse-wheel button to scroll around, but I think that reassigning any logical button to any physical mouse button should be allowed.


2.  I have a gaming mouse, so I'd also like to be able to set mouse buttons 4 and 5 to do something (I think grab for button 4, and escape for button 5).


3. The new spells panel is neat but clunky to use, especially if you just want to use a spell that you don't normally use.  I think it would be more streamlined if there were a string of hierarchical keystrokes for each spell.  For example, pressing 1-1 would be meteor shower, 1-2 would be earthquake, 1-3 would be storm, and so on.  If you wanted to save meteor shower (or whatever spell you are ready to cast) in your swatch at position 3, you could press "1-1" (to select meteor shower) and then "shift+3" (to save it to swatch 3).  After meteor shower is saved to swatch 3, you can just press 3 to cast it (instead of 1-1).  


4. The same hierarchical control scheme could be replicated for everything in the game. Like buildings. Press Q to select buildings, W, to select walls, and then S for stone wall.  As much as possible, I'd like to keep my hand on the left side of the keyboard.


5. Values like production or courier quotas should be incrementible by 10 or 100 by holding down the ctrl, shift, or ctrl+shift keys while clicking the button. (A hierarchical keyboard shortcut might be handy here too).  

In Topic: Indev 30 feedback : late game squads of fire elementals OP

07 August 2018 - 08:10 AM

Drop them into cullis gates.