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Bug:building list won’t safe(example in the discription) *Indef 20*

01 July 2016 - 11:09 AM

EXAMPLE: Bug: building list won’t safe

(for example in building list a house is the lowest priority and you set it on the highest priority, When you leave the game it will not safe that priority)


Edtion= Windows 10 Education


Version Java= Version 8 update 66 (build 1.8.0_66-b18)


System specs=  RAM 4,00 GB, Grapics card, Total Available Graphics Memory: 2816 MB   Dedicated Video Memory:  1024 MB System Video Memory: 0 MB   Shared Video Memory: 1792 MB


Many greets,

9 more suggestions =)

01 July 2016 - 11:05 AM


It’s was a long time and there where few things in my head coming up, So here are they

1= About rain, can be good and bad but when it’s summer your villagers will overheat right? Well can you not make like when it’s raining in the summer  they will cooldown form the rain

2= About villager ghost. Can you make like a indicator somewhere when a villager ghost is on the map that tell you how many ghost there are

3= I don’t now of it’s still here of i’ve really good luck. But I had somtimes when a villager is fghting in the summer they will kill them self because they want to go home but are fighting and ignore it so they die

4= I love they problem panel just handy i’ve you don’t want to lose villagers. But can you make like if the problem panel say 1 villager is one fire can I click on that massage. For example when I click on that massage(villager is on fire) I will go to that villager.   

5= When golems go attack mobs they will wander to far and kill them self and that’s is not good

6= I Love the golem idea. But can there be more golem types for example crystal golem

7= Long ago you said that you would add a tip system. And I would like to give you tip here are some tips

Tip 1= Not enough essence click on bodies for more essence

Tip 2= To many graveyards use a fire bolt to destroy them

8= In indef 15 you had a thing where you can follow the Development. See trailer for this https://www.youtube....h?v=flx4qFDPbXc and set it on 1:27 it’s then more understandable what I mean with follow the Development

9= About the golems buidlings I don’t get it how does it work I understand it summons golems for you the fight and it cost essence, but that’s it. How does the spawning system for golems work, is it like it need wood or stone. How can i spawn faster a golem like putting the golem buildings near resource. Would you like to explain it.

Thanks for all that reading.

Many thanks (and many smiles =P  :)  :)  :)  :)  :))


Suggestions =)

24 January 2016 - 07:51 AM

So it was long time ago that i posted something :P , but here are some suggetions.


~ I saw that the villagers i’ve they harvest(or build) somthing, they have a wierd white thing in the hand, is that a tool or somthing else?


~ It is a little bit wierd but it seems i can’t cancel a selected resource.


~ I still don’t get the happnis and childeren how it’s works(only i know few thing about it) so would you like to make a tutorial about how to get more happiness/ childeren.


~ Can you make a sound like when you don’t can select the crop button(because you don’t have farms yet) Or you don’t have influcends and you try to klik or use a spell(when you do not have enough Essence) That you hear a sound.


~ Sorry i ask but can the site be update and the pictures on the site.


~ When i was playing the game i saw different torches by villagecenter and other buildings. A normal, a big one and by most of the buildings a little torch. So I was thinking do you have planned for more torches like that.


~ When you building a wall, i’m sorry to say but it so annoying that villagers will build a wall but they close them self in or just walk so long distance only to get on the other site of the wall what really is just stupid, so can you make that i’ve you build a wall that villagers only build a wall on 1 side and not close them self in.


~ Can there be an exp bar for mobs and villagers


~ I love the music but can the music tracks not on the site.


Thanks for reading :D (and sorry for be rude tekst and bad englise, it’s really hard i’ve you don’t come from englise country ^_^ )

About the new style

29 October 2015 - 10:16 AM


I was thinking about the new art update. And my opinion is just that i didn’t like the new look. But what i’ve we can choose the look in-game by the options. So that you can choose the old look(the look what we have now)and the new look.


days survive

13 September 2015 - 05:15 AM



People i want to know the days you survive and how hard it was(discussion just for fun)

Me personally 14 day and i died. For me it wasn't to hard