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#1375 Retro-Pixel Castles Where to Get the steam key

Posted by Rayvolution on 28 October 2014 - 12:53 AM

Yeah, sadly the way the surveys come in is all sorts of messy. I've been reorganizing my efforts to getting keys out first -> last backer, but Kickstarter has a really funky was of organizing the data on my end.


But, if you're one of the people who has to wait a while, all I can do is apologize. My fingers only work so fast. :(

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#1288 Build InDev 10-26-2014 Ready For Steam Launch!

Posted by Rayvolution on 26 October 2014 - 09:36 PM

The latest stable build is now sitting in the Steam servers waiting for Retro-Pixel Castles to unlock in just a few hours. If you have any problems with this build, don't forget to check let me know about it over in the Support and Bugs subforum!

Full Change Log:
- Dismantling system added, your villagers can now take down buildings and recover some of the resources.
- Added two new songs, Skull Hunter and Main Theme Piano.
- Changed full screen key to F10.
- Decreased adult villagers hunger and energy decay rates by 30%
- Frame skipping added, allows the update cycles to run even if the render cycles can't keep up. Making the game much more playable on low end machines.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent villagers from harvesting resources they obviously have access to.
- Villagers can now harvest even if they can't access their work building.
- Floater icons now fade away correctly.
- Optimized the engine, improving load times for the shadow, objects, maps and collision detection systems.
- Added a few new maps (Some official, some user maps)
- Added a link to a fan made tutorial by Boss Llama.
- Fixed a lag spike caused when there was no work to be done, and growing crops existed on the map.
- Adjusted nearly all of the resource costs to build objects.
- Cleaned up the GUI in some areas.
- ..and of course, a whole mess of other bug fixes and optimizations.

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#1127 Unstable Build - Major Code Changes, I Need Your Help!

Posted by Rayvolution on 24 October 2014 - 02:37 AM

Do you need more crash reports?


I actually was just coming back here to announce a newer unstable build I need tested, same issues as last time. All of the issues mentioned in this thread should be resolved now. Let me know if you have any problems!




Like last time, don't worry about dismantle. Just play around like you normally would and try to get the game to crash, also, please report any odd behaviors. :)


One small known issue; Building mechanics are reversed, instead of building First -> Last, they're building Last -> First.

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#1095 [InDev-10-14-2014b][Gameplay] Introductory Tutorial

Posted by Rayvolution on 22 October 2014 - 11:42 PM

I guess one thing you can add to it is that a carrot gives you 20 food.


Also, I forgot to test this before my villagers died but, if a spouse dies does it still consider the dead partner their spouse, and if it doesn't, do they remarry? I think someone asked this in another thread but I couldn't find it.


The moment a spouse dies, the survivor loses a large amount of happiness, but then becomes available to re-partner up with someone else.

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#1039 Who is Nek

Posted by Rayvolution on 20 October 2014 - 09:06 PM

Don't inflate his already inflated ego, Luka! His head might explode! <3


Just stay away from me with that needle.

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#1033 HOW TO SUBMIT (Please read before posting)

Posted by Rayvolution on 20 October 2014 - 04:12 PM

Interested in writing up a how-to guide of some kind for RPC? Well, here's the place to do it!


You can format your post however you deem fit, but you'll have to format the topic correctly so I (and others) will be able to find the right information easily.


Topic title format:

[RPC Version][Guide Type] - Your Title Here

(IE: [InDev-10-14-2014][Gameplay] - Ray's ultimate guide to not starving in 5 minutes.)


Current tags (If one doesn't exist to fit your needs, you can makeup your own)

[Gameplay] - Anything related to playing the game.

[Modification] - Anything related to messing around with game's source code/mechanics.

[Mapping] - Anything related to mapping.

[Graphics] - Anything related to editing the artwork of the game.


It's very important you include the game version number in your title, since RPC is rapidly changing people need to know if they're reading obsolete information. Also you do not need to make a new thread if a new version comes out. Just update the old one. :)


This subforum will probably be linked to directly in the game, so for maximum exposure, this is probably the best place to write anything on the game you want the RPC fan base to read.

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#1006 How Do I Start This???!!

Posted by Rayvolution on 19 October 2014 - 12:52 PM

1. Download this

2. Unzip it to where ever you desire

3. Run RetroPixelCastles.exe


If that doesnt work:

1. Download this

2. Install it.

3. Repeat the original 3 steps.


If that doesn't work, you probably don't have enough ram to run the game. Check /logs/ and see what your crash logs say. :)

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#1004 [10-14-2014b/Windows 7] Indirect Map Info Editing

Posted by Rayvolution on 19 October 2014 - 10:59 AM

If only I could replicate it. I do have an idea what could be causing this, but I have absolutely no way to test it right now since my machine seems to be the wild oddball that can't replicate it.


If I can't replicate it when I get close to the next stable build, I'll throw in what I think should fix it anyway and we'll just cross our fingers. :P

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#927 Mechanics Blog - Buildings

Posted by Rayvolution on 16 October 2014 - 09:22 PM

I'm still slightly confused on the benefit of some of the buildings. There seems to be a lot of moving going on in this game and it seems the quickest thing to do is gather resources near the building that you are trying to stretch the 'border' out with.


It seems it's somewhat a waste of time to make a lumber yard because it takes wood to make the yard then you still have to walk far just to get it to the build site. It seems the lumber mill has slightly more advantage in that the workers get more work productivity (do workers assigned to the lumber yard also get a productivity bonus? If so, how much compared to the lumber mill?).


The same goes for farms (supplying food to homes) and future plans of heating (heating homes), there seems to be a lot of logistics involved to keep up places that are 'left behind' when you are gathering new areas of resource. Is that part of the difficulty or am I doing things wrong? lol


The harvest buildings do get a gathering speed increase, but right now you're right, they almost serve no purpose unless you just need more workers and the Village Center is full.

But there's a few upcoming changes that will make them pretty much required, the main two being:

- Loose items on the ground will eventually start to decay (very slowly). So you need a safe place to store them, and the village center doesn't store anything.

- Builders will someday only be allowed to harvest materials if there is an active building that needs built/fixed/etc. So you won't be able to use them to stockpile anything, and since you will also eventually need wood for other things (like warming houses in the winter when I add seasons) you'll need stockpiles.

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#888 New Build and A Confirmed Price!

Posted by Rayvolution on 14 October 2014 - 11:02 PM

- Fixed Info tab text inputs
- Fixed odd issue where map wouldn't center correctly in the map editor.
- Added a new setting in settings.properties to change the interface scaling factor, called interfaceScale. (Higher = larger)

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#883 New Build and A Confirmed Price!

Posted by Rayvolution on 14 October 2014 - 08:13 PM

Yay! I'm fairly blind so I like everything large xD
Oh, and when I loaded up Dragon's map I was like 'where's the map? I just see stars' and had to scroll a little bit to find it. Probably need to set it where it starts in the middle of a map when it loads. lol

Yeah, the map sets itself to the position where the mapper last saved. Guess Dragon was stargazing. :P
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#854 HOW TO SUBMIT BUGS (Please read before posting)

Posted by Rayvolution on 13 October 2014 - 03:58 PM

Hey guys! I'm putting in some rules to organize the bug reporting process to help cut down on the repeat posts. :)


Please check the "Known bugs" thread to see if your bug is already on the list, if it is, please don't make a thread unless you have additional information you think may be helpful. If you do, please look for a thread that already discusses the problem and add to it instead of making a new thread. If no thread exists, you may make one.


When posting a bug, please format your title like this, please don't just say "Help", try to be as descriptive as possible:

[Build Version / OS] - Bug Description


[10-11-2014 / Windows] - Game crashes when a villager attempts to collect wood.


and please include the following:

- Your operating system.

- Java version (if you know it)

- System specs, mainly your CPU, Graphics Card and RAM.

- If the bug causes a crash, please include the stacktrace from the crash. Stacktraces are in the /logs/ folder.

- Detailed description of what you were doing, more info the better!


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#846 Suggestions Compilation

Posted by Rayvolution on 13 October 2014 - 12:55 PM

Balkep, if you really-really want to, you can throw my personal "maybe" list into the mix. :)


(Just a side note guys: This is my "maybe" pile, none of these are confirmed features yet! Just random thoughts I have during development.)


- Different color crystals do different things. (Red = health stuff, blue = mana stuff, etc)
- nearest selection instead of first selection for work, maybe make it a toggle?
- when village center "levels up" all ranges of all buildings increase.
- Monsters spawn from abandon villages, maybe special buildings that also spawn mobs can exist as well. Like a "slimes pit"
- When villager dies, body stays there for a very long time, or until crafted into a gravestone
- Attack threshold - have to gain a certain amount of evil-points before attacked. (Sort of like an aggro increase, like if you walk by a wolf it may ignore you, but if you float around one too long it'll get angry)
- rats/rattraps that steal food and other resources.
- Mob traps, like spike pits, explosives, etc
- Trait system: "Lazy", "Homosexual", "Hyper", "Slow", "Strong", etc.
- Max mobs in an area, when too many are there, force them to another. Keeps things from overloading and gentle pushing mobs in the direction of the village.
- Ambient sound effects from tiles to give the world more atmosphere.
- "Gifted" villagers that use Kickstarter's names.
- Buildings that enhance other abilities (Example: a Forgery that enhances guard attack/defense)
- Thought bubbles
- Seasons
- Houses need wood for the winter so they dont freeze?

- When birthing, they attempt to go home, or a clinic.
- If home, baby gets a +20% XP bonus, if clinic, 30%, if outside, no bonus.
- Children can go to school, when they go they gain XP.
- Orphanages that can house many children, but few adults


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#759 Crash when I finish building my village center

Posted by Rayvolution on 11 October 2014 - 07:40 PM

Hey when will the game be finished to the point where no builds just updates (estimated if you want)?


Depending on how Steam goes, soonish. I may convert the game to Early Access, because it makes it a lot easier on all of us to get the latest builds. ;)


Testing is best done on the platform the game will eventually be released on anyway.

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#758 Porting Maps

Posted by Rayvolution on 11 October 2014 - 07:38 PM

Moderately high. If I make any dramatic changes, I'll do my best to write a map converter. There's a few things that might prevent me from doing that, but I do my best to avoid it.


What is more of a concern will be if your map becomes obsolete. For example, if I were to add new resources to the game or some other content your map needs. Although that's not too big of a deal, you can just go back and edit the map. :)

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