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#7325 Funding Secured.

Posted by Rayvolution on 14 March 2021 - 06:10 PM

Greetings fellow gamers!

Many of you have probably noted an obvious slowdown in development since Update 1c was released last year. First and foremost, I would like to absolutely reassure you that development is, in fact, continuing and Update 2 is currently in work, with Update 3 and 4 already planned out.

But why did this happen? Well, that's a story I thought I would never find myself in a position to tell, but here we are. So strap in! There's a lot of back context needed.

In 2013 I decided to learn to program as it was the only remaining skill left I did not have to make a video game. I had no experience what so ever outside of doing mods/scripting for various games over the years. I spent 8-9 months of my life doing nothing but working at Lockheed Martin as an Avionics Technician 8-10 hours a day, and another 8-10 at home learning how to program in my language of choice, Java. After roughly a year it was time to go pro, and I started development on Retro-Pixel Castles, or eventually to be renamed, Rise to Ruins. I saved up (or have been saving up, more accurately) around $90k working at Lockheed, because I lived out of a suitcase moving from one military base to the next every 4-6 months for 5 straight years. So, I did the totally rational thing you do when you want to completely change career paths into a job with an extremely high rate of failure that you have literally zero professional experience what so ever in doing, I quit my current job at Lockheed Martin.

Yes, you read that right. My first ever attempt to "go pro" happened within a year of learning to program and I quit my very secure job to do it. Despite all odds, I was successful in the attempt. I also got an Associates Degree in Psychology at a local community college and bought a house in cash (87k, near-condemned foreclosure) while doing all this because it was necessary. Thanks to my former military service I could go to college for free. In fact, they paid me roughly $1,200/mo to go on top of paying for books/tuition, it's how I fed myself in the early days of this. I also needed a place to live during this ridiculous adventure too, and reducing costs was key to my strategy working, so what better cost reduction than removing rent/mortgages all together? Long as I was in college for free and getting paid $1,200/mo to educate myself for the next 4 years, I could survive.

Development on Rise to Ruins itself was blistering fast as a result, because this whole plan would implode within 4 years when my education benefits ran out. It's easily a whole story in of itself, but I'll gloss over that for brevity's sake because that's not the point of this already really long announcement. Basically I dedicated years to work, spending a good 10-14 hours a day usually 7 days a week at the height of it just chugging out patches during Early Access. Fast forward to Rise to Ruins officially releasing in October of 2019, right before the pandemic started. My plan was (and still is) to continue to support the game post release. Rise to Ruins has done me very well financially, supporting my and my wife's lives without either of us having to get outside jobs.

But there's a problem. While Rise to Ruins does in fact currently support my livelihood and the entire 4 year plan became irrelevant by year 2 because Rise to Ruins' income started to support me and my wife by itself, it still isn't enough to finance the next game. The next game, code named "Project Mary", is another project that will likely take me multiple years to complete with a very long Early Access cycle. I cannot guarantee I can duplicate Rise to Ruins' Early Access success again, and Rise to Ruins' sales revenue will eventually dwindle. It must, it's just the nature of how it works in this business.

So, how do I get around this problem? Money. Lots of money. Well, Rise to Ruins makes decent money, but still not enough, I can't assure it will be there forever and I am against taking money from publishers and what not.

Coronavirus has entered chat.

In 2020 one of the worst pandemics in human history began and to my disadvantage, only a few months after Rise to Ruins released. I was faced with an awkward problem as I was locked in my home. I needed to find proper funding for my second game and I absolutely abhor taking money from publishers. I'm a solo developer and it's going to stay that way. The pandemic amplified this problem because it limited what I could do to solve my funding issue.

I knew Rise to Ruins profits couldn't sustain development for the multiple years needed to complete Project Mary, and a Kickstarter also wouldn't be right as an already successful company running a Kickstarter for funding is bad optics in my opinion. Even with full continued patch support, Rise to Ruins will eventually drop under the bar its sales support me, that's just how it works unless you have a mega-ultra-hit like Stardew Valley, Rimworld, etc that generates so much cash on the front end it doesn't matter. Rise to Ruins still had done me well, at the time of making this decision I had no debts of any kind, house and car paid off in full, and over $200,000 in my savings account. That sounds great, but it still wasn't enough to accomplish my goals and as I said previously, I felt a Kickstarter would be in bad tastes (and potentially not raise enough money anyway). I had to figure out how to generate even more cash during a pandemic without relying on Rise to Ruins, so I could work on the game without any future cash flow fears.

Repeating my normal methodology of throwing my whole-everything into a problem, I dedicated a ridiculous amount of time in one of the places I thought I'd never find myself; The soulless depths of the stock market. I studied, studied, and studied more. My whole life existed for one reason and one reason alone; Learn the market and use it to secure funding for Project Mary.

So uh, yeah, again in my life, against all odds, I did it.

As of writing this, I have turned $200k into $2.5 million dollars. That was actually higher before the recent tech crash in February and early March, where I broke a staggering $3 million. I am now pulling back from active investing, and transitioning to a semi-active-passive thing, so I can refocus on what's important; Rise to Ruins continued development, and starting development full time on Project Mary. I should hopefully have a minimum sustained additional income of $10k/month (that's not a typo) throughout all of Project Mary's development without actually touching the $2.5 million. That's not assured, but it seems likely.

This process impacted everything in my life, including my own mental health, that I'm still recovering from as I write this. Trust me folks, money doesn't buy happiness and while I have a lot of it now, the past 8 months have been absolutely exhausting and downright destructive to my mental health. I will simply need time to recover.

I hope you guys can forgive the lack of patches over the last year as I went through this adventure, and have gained some understanding as to why I did it at all in the first place. But, one thing is now certain for Rise to Ruins', Project Mary's and most importantly SixtyGig Games' future as a whole:

Funding Secured.

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#7266 Labor Golem cost error

Posted by Rayvolution on 11 May 2020 - 05:33 AM

Huh, very good catch. You actually seem to have stumbled on a much bigger bug, it appears almost all mob related perks are not being applied properly. 


This is now on the priority bug fix list, and I'll have it fixed next patch. :)

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#7134 It's The Final Countdown!

Posted by Rayvolution on 06 October 2019 - 08:29 PM

The light at the end of the tunnel is arriving rapidly. Rise to Ruins will be launching out of Early Access on October 14th. But this ride isn't over yet, Rise to Ruins will continue to get new content as long as you're still around to support and play it.

This has been an amazing several years, and the support from the entire community over all this time has been absolutely amazing. It's very rare a one man developer can launch a game of this magnitude all by himself, and if it wasn't for the support of every one of you Rise to Ruins never would have reached this milestone.

Launching a game is one of the biggest moments in a developer's life, and can make or break their entire career. But, no matter what happens during the launch, thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams.

Here's to more years of completely free Rise to Ruins content, and someday, more SixtyGig Games!

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#6827 Game killing bug

Posted by Rayvolution on 15 November 2018 - 12:20 PM

It appears you either have some corrupt world data, or corrupt region data. It's a bit hard to tell from the log though. Luckily, you should have a backup of both!

To load a backup of your region data (More likely culprit here):
1. Open profiles/profileX/saves/worldMap/WorldMaps/
2. Open the folder for the last region you played on.
3. Delete the "1" folder corresponding with the game mode you play on (eg: survival1, traditional1, etc)
4. Restart the game!

To load a backup of your world data:
1. Open profiles/profileX/saves/worldMap/gameModeWorldMapData/ (Where "gameMode" is the game mode you play in)
3. Delete the "1" folder.
4. Restart the game!

Good luck! :)
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#6761 InDev 31b - The Balance and Fixes Update - Released!

Posted by Rayvolution on 25 September 2018 - 04:47 PM

Greetings everyone! InDev 31b has just been released, and it includes a bunch of small balance adjustments and bug fixes, most of it based on your feedback! Check out the change log for all the details. :)

If you're interested in following development much more closely, don't forget to follow me on Twitter or join the awesome community on Discord! By player demand, I have also recently setup a Patreon to support SixtyGig Games' "Buy once own everything forever" no paid DLC philosophy, if you'd like to check it out.

InDev 31b Change Log

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Uncompressed all resource data, decreasing load times and fixing some issues with certain malware and virus scanners.
  • Re-positioned some tool tips to prevent them from overlapping relevant data.
  • You can now manually disable mouse map zooming in the settings.property file.
  • Increased how many migrations per day the migration way stations provide by 2.
  • Increased the bonus levels of all golems.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes very rarely migrants and courier golems could get trapped behind the corruption.
  • Fixed a bug where some sound effects wouldn't completely mute when the sound was muted in the settings menu.
  • Fixed a minor typo on the selected mob panel.
  • Changed the way interaction point coordinates are given, to prevent situations where the mob can reach the building, but not the interaction point causing AI slowdowns/freezes.
  • Fixed a bug with road delivery that can cause an endless loop in the AI if the road worker can not reach the road tile he was assigned to.
  • Fixed a rare bug that would sometimes cause goals to not progress.
  • Fixed an issue where en route migrants were sometimes not being displayed in the world map on some maps.
  • Fixed the XP gain amount for courier delivery goals.
  • Resurrection goal now awards god XP properly.
  • Fixed bugged crystal harvestry on Whestcastle map.
  • Fixed an issue where some sound effects would partially ignore the sound settings.
  • The camp now shows up on the world map again.
  • Fixed an issue where placing the camp incorrectly would "Start" a region even if nothing was actually started.

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#6712 Game crashes after clicking on a few enemies on title screen

Posted by Rayvolution on 10 August 2018 - 10:48 PM



On ubuntu, indev 31 c


Already fixed in the next patch (Unstable 4). :)

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#6645 Can use starter camp to spawn in infinite villagers

Posted by Rayvolution on 15 July 2018 - 03:14 AM

Fixed in the next patch. :)

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#6608 Twitch integration viewer names not prioritized?

Posted by Rayvolution on 07 July 2018 - 04:45 PM

It's a 50/50 shot, but Twitch itself can cause problems. It pulls your chat list directly from twitch every so often, but if Twitch's servers are acting up (and when aren't they? :)) sometimes it pulls a blank list and won't add any additional names, and thus, no villager names! Sadly there isn't too much I can do about it on my end.


I am planning on increasing the name chance anyway though. :)

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#6572 InDev 31 Road Map - The World Update

Posted by Rayvolution on 30 May 2018 - 09:13 PM

InDev 31 development has begun! (Actually, it started about 2 weeks ago, but who's counting?). InDev 31 is going to be a major step to reaching Rise to Ruins Release 1, hopefully sometime this year.

The overall goal of InDev 31 will be introducing a new way to move resources and villagers around the world map, as well as giving the world map some purpose. The world map will now have goals the player needs to meet. The more goals that are met, the more global bonuses the player will receive for all the villages under his control. The idea is to encourage the player to spread out and eventually take over the entire map as part of an overall endgame/metagame that will be played alone-side the core gameplay in each region.

I'm really excited for this update, as I feel the mechanics being added are the last major content vacuum in the game before Release 1 is possible. Will the game be considered finish? No, of course not. There's still a ton of fish to fry before Release 1. But no worries, even after Release 1 development is not ending when the game leaves Early Access. :)

InDev 31 Road Map

World Map Goals and Mechanics Changes
  • Goals will be added to the world map for the player to accomplish. The goals will be all sorts of different things. Like "Maintain 3 villages with a population over 50", "Control an entire biome on the map", or "Have at least one village survive to day 80".
  • For every goal you achieve, you will unlock a perk. These perks can be anything from +5% harvesting, increased birth rates, increased hit points, carry capacity, unlocking new buildings/upgrades, unlocking new spells, etc.
  • Every goal achieved will lower the global corruption threat, allowing older villages to survive much longer than before.
  • You have to maintain the goals, if a goal is lost you will lose the perk you gained and the corruption will become stronger.
  • You will now only be able to visit your first region for free (Getting free villagers/resources when you place your camp). After, you will spread out from the region selected outwards using the villagers from your initial camp, and won't be allowed to visit those regions until enough villagers have been sent there to establish a new village. (See below)
Migration and Trade Systems
  • A new exploration building will be added, that will allow you to send villagers out into nearby connected regions. The more upgraded the building, the more you will be able to send each day.
  • Villagers sent to nearby regions will be in a sort of "stasis" until the player decides to visit the region they were sent to. Once they visit that region, the villagers sent will pop up as soon as it is safe. (Dawn through Midday).
  • You will be able to send villagers to a region regardless if it is or isn't occupied, allowing you to share villagers between established villagers, or start new ones.
  • A new trade outpost building will also be added, this building will open up delivering resources to other villages by way of the Catjeet (Or possibly, a new mob type, time permitting). The Catjeet will act as "delivery men" and take resources from your village to the assigned region for a small fee.
  • Same as the villagers mentioned above, Catjeet that leave the region will arrive at the delivery region next time you visit.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Limbo will be completely removed from the game, replaced with the migration system mentioned above.
  • Skirmish Mode's initial villager spawn in will now work like the World Map does, giving you villagers only after you place the camp, and spawning them directly on the camp with some free resources.
  • Time permitting, an "abandon the region" mechanic will also be added, instantly sending the entire village out in all directions to any connecting region. How this will work is still to be determined.
Revamped Display Settings
  • Borderless full screen will be added, currently works on all tested Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 machines. Linux and Mac work as well, but the task bar is still being displayed. Sadly, this may be an unavoidable issue. But I will try to work it out.
  • Fixed resolutions will be added, so you can change the full screen resolution of the game to anything you want, rather than your set desktop resolution.
  • The original full screen mode will still exist and can be toggled in the settings menu, for players who prefer non-borderless modes.
  • The game will now use a hardware cursor!

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#6562 How does corruption resistance work?

Posted by Rayvolution on 15 May 2018 - 08:40 PM

The 1x1 patches inside your resistance areas is actually a bug I'm trying to work out, I may have it fixed by InDev 30d, but it could be pushed off to InDev 31.


Check under the data view, there's a "corruption resistant" data view. It'll show you how much and how strong your resistance is in certain areas.


The game currently does a poor job of explaining what "power" the corruption currently is (in part, this is because some missing mechanics coming into InDev 31, so I didn't make a GUI for it). But basically every game day the amount of "permanent" corruption expands that you can't do anything about, but the permanent corruption tiles can be less than the total that exist, if you trap the corruption and it has nowhere to go. Once that happens for every 1,000 tiles the permanent corruption tile count is higher than the actual amount of tiles on the map, the corruption power increases by 1. As soon as it increases by 1, every tile with a corruption resistance value of 1 becomes useless in pushing back the corruption, but values of 2 or higher still do. Eventually another 1,000 can tick up, pushing it to 2, then 3, and so on. So the longer the corruption is trapped, and the smaller the area it's trapped in the more powerful it gets, and the weaker your resistance is.


Corruption is corruption, it's all the same. You just can't go lower than the current permanent corruption amount if it has already spread. For example, if the permanent amount is 2,000, and the corruption covers 3,000 tiles on the map, you can push back 1,000 tiles of it (any 1,000), but once the count drops below 2,000 your efforts will be in vein. This plays into what I said up above, because say you push it back 1,000 tiles and trap it, and now only 2,000 tiles exist and it has no where to go that's when the corruption power starts slowly increasing day by day. If the permanent value reaches 3,000, even though only 2,000 tiles exist, it'll start busting through resistance areas that are only level 1.


Finally, corruption resistance does stack, it's designed that way on purpose so you can make highly resistance barriers with enough time. :)


It's very complicated on the code side, I plan on making a GUI in InDev 31 that explains all this in easy to view numbers/values. For now, none of what I explained is visible anywhere in game. :)

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#6526 InDev 30 - The Life is Precious Update - Released!

Posted by Rayvolution on 22 April 2018 - 07:34 AM

I'm proud to bring you one of the biggest, beefiest content filled game changer patches in Rise to Ruins history; The Life is Precious update!

This update has a metric crap ton of changes, including many that were suggested by you guys. Villagers can now carry multiple resources, they can grow old, medics have been reworked, the spawning system has been completely gutted and replace with the new corruption system, and the entire game has been fundamentally rebalanced. Check out the ridiculously extensive change log below!

The amount of changes this patch has thrown Rise to Ruins balance in the blender, and it may not quite be where we all want it yet. I'm asking everyone to provide tons of feedback about their experience. Let me know what you think. Compared to InDev 29, is it too hard, too easy, just right? What would you change? If you want to go the extra mile, hop into custom mode and make up your own brand of what you think survival and nightmare mode should be, and share your settings! This patch is a massive balance changer, unlike any patch before it. Even after extensive tweaking on the Unstable branch, it may still need additional adjustments. So it is imperative you let me know how your play sessions are going so I can adjust things in the inevitable minor patches before starting in on InDev 31! :)

InDev 30 Change Log

Corruption System
  • The entire spawn system has been completely replaced with the new corruption system. Now, a corrupted area will spawn on the map once you place your camp, slowly consuming the world around you.
  • A new mob has been added, the "Drone". Drones are mostly harmless, but will build corrupted buildings and maintain roads inside the corruption.
  • Monsters no longer spawn or attack during the day time. They now start attacking at dusk, ramp up at night, and return back to the corruption during the day.
  • A large majority of the monsters inside the corruption will despawn during the day. (Note: Boosted monsters never despawn.)
  • Added a new "corruption resistance" range for the village that will push back and prevent corruption from spreading, that works differently than normal range and ignores all blocked tiles. Some buildings do not provide this range at all, like fire pits. You can see your village's corruption resistance using the data views panel.
  • Monster spawn rates are now tied to how many days you have survived, the size of the corruption, and how many buildings are in the corruption.
  • Several new corrupted buildings have been added, including hostile towers inside the corruption that will fire on villagers and golems.
  • You can not cast spells inside the corruption.
  • Monsters spawn when graveyards are damaged by the player.
  • Skeletons now do not start spawning until day 5.
  • Specters now do not start spawning until day 12.
  • Fire Elementals now do not start spawning until day 16.
  • Small slimes now no longer spawn until day 2.
  • Regular slimes now no longer spawn until day 4.
  • Zombies now no longer spawn until day 3.
Multi-Carry and Worker AI
  • All villagers can now hold between 2 and 8 resources at a time based on their strength. They will gain 1 additional resource per 50 strength, and always be able to carry a minimum of at least 2. The formula is (STR/50)+2. This applies to labor golems as well.
  • Harvesting AI has been modified to sometimes drop a resource on the ground. The chance they'll take resources home increases the more resources are in the area.
  • Rearranged the farming AI to make it a much higher priority to do farm harvesting and tending tasks.
  • Medics have been completely rewritten, they now "post" themselves at clinics, barracks and outposts and wait for injured and sick villagers to arrive.
  • All of the delivery and construction harvest AI branches have been reworked and rearranged to better manage resources and make sure buildings get completed in the correct priority order if the resources are available to do so.
  • Lowered the priority of dirty water in the farm to high, so the water purifier gets more dirty water.
  • Reworked some AI branching that made some AI branches not fire as often as they should, like water bottle refining.
  • Changed priority of clean water buckets in fountains and house from very high to high, to encourage more water buckets to make it to the bottlers.
  • Cooks can now distribute rations again.
  • Chanced all housing and barracks raw food priority to "high" so that kitchens get food before housing.
  • Mobs will now abandon their task if the building they are in route to is destroyed or removed.
Aging System
  • Human villagers can now live up to a maximum 40 days, catjeet 35, and doggos 15.
  • Villagers can now become wise elders late in their life, for humans this is age 35 and catjeet 30. Doggos never become wise, and will remain young hearted goofballs until they die.
  • Elder villagers can chat with lower level villagers, offering them a massive XP bonus so they can level up faster.
  • A new Life Expectancy statistic has been added, and as you'd expect, how long your villager should live.
  • A new Lifetime Constitution stat has also been added, that starts at maximum, and anytime your villager's well being is poor either from thirst, hunger, unhappiness, healing from injuries, taking damage, poisoned and a million other factors, their lifetime constitution will go down permanently. When this happens, it can lower their Life Expectancy.
  • You can never recover constitution or life expectancy, so take care of your villagers!
  • Villagers can die before they become elders if they live an extremely hard life and their life expectancy drops below the minimum age to become an elder.
  • Rarely, when nomads spawn some of them can arrive already as elders.
  • Mothers can now die giving childbirth if their lifelong constitution is low, unless they visit a clinic to give birth.
  • There is a small chance the child can die during child birth.
  • Mothers now take 25% of their total current hit points in damage during child birth.
  • Mothers have a 50% chance of losing 1 day of life expectancy during child birth unless they visit a clinic.
Lootbox Changes
  • You can no longer find keys harvesting resources.
  • The chance you can find a loot box harvesting resources has been increased.
  • Finding keys when trying to uncover lootboxes is now slightly more common.
  • Lootbox settings can now be customized in the custom game mode menu.
Sweeping Balance Changes
  • Doubled the length of a day.
  • Rebalanced the stats of nearly every friendly mob in the game.
  • Reduced the amount of nomads that spawn, as well as their chance to spawn.
  • Starting villagers in a new region on the world map have been reduced to about 12.
  • Starting resources in a new region on the world map have increased to 32.
  • Starting villagers in skirmish mode reduced to 10-14.
  • The amount of starting villagers in Limbo have been reduced to 19-29 in survival and nightmare.
  • The monster spawn rates in survival, nightmare and traditional have been reduced.
  • Farms now grow slower.
  • Wild food now grows and spreads 2 times slower.
  • All food items now provide more overall food.
  • Almost all job slots provided by all work buildings has been cut in half.
  • Occupancy maximum for housing has been cut in half.
  • You now gain twice as much maximum influence per villager.
  • Halved the doggo spawn rates.
  • Rebalanced the length of nighttime in both Summer and Winter. Summer nights are now longer, and Winter nights are now shorter.
  • The mob level hard cap has been raised to 200.
  • Reduced the speed health is regenerated when in a house.
  • Tripled the duration of poison, blight and dysentery, but also reduced damage taken by them by two thirds, resulting in the same amount of damage over a much longer period of time.
  • Increased Cold Aura spell cost.
  • Charm spell cost has been reduced by 25%, and the failure chance removed.
  • An eclipse can no longer happen the same day as a full moon.
  • Slimes now heal 3 times slower.
  • Blood slimes now heal 2 times slower.
  • Reduced range generated by outposts.
  • Housing now requires rock for the first and second upgrades.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Added all new Patreons' rewards to the game.
  • Monsters no longer wander to radiance pools.
  • The base village range of all towers provide has been increased by about 50%. (Note: This is not firing range)
  • Reworked how the interface autoscaling works to get slightly better results.
  • There are now a small amount of particles that generate when a mob gains XP.
  • When a mob gains a level, there is no longer a message in the console, and the sound is localized to where they leveled instead of being global.
  • There are now some particle effects when a mob levels.
  • Changed how essence is generated from objects, making the output more varied in appearance.
  • When the game needs to find an open space to force drop a resource, the location is a bit more randomized now.
  • Increased the rate light levels transition.
  • You can now advance the passage of time in sandbox mode if you enable debug mode.
  • You can now set the clock to 16x speed if you enable debug mode.
  • Survival Island map tweaked slightly.
  • Removed map "Bottleneck" from the Official Maps list.
  • Increased the range provided by the forge.
  • Nomad settings can now be customized in the custom game mode menu.
  • There is now a 1 in 50 chance that a fire elemental will spawn when a meteor hits.
  • Radiance pools now slowly generate energy the player can steal with their hand.
  • Radiance pools no longer use cut stone, but require more rock and crystal.
  • Removed the single-threaded settings from the game, as they caused more trouble than they helped in almost all scenarios.
  • Updated many of the tips.
Interface Changes
  • A new statistics panel has been added to the game, showing tons of daily statistics about your village.
  • All GUI code has been completely gutted and reorganized, most of the changes will be transparent to the player. But pretty much everything under the hood was redone.
  • Updated the mouse lock icon.
  • Spells on the spell bar will no longer stay highlighted even if no spell is selected.
  • Right clicking to add/remove workers now adds and removes plus or minus 5, rather than 10.
  • Lowered the "low villager count" warning in the problem panel from 10 to 5 villagers.
  • Changed the description of the crystillery so it fits in the description box.
  • You can now access the reset AI function by holding down left shift on the selected region panel in world map view, and the load game menu in skirmish.
  • Tips popping up now cancel the current task, to prevent accidental clicking.
  • Pausing the game hides the entire GUI now, but you can interact with the new statistics panel, the main menu panel, settings, and see the clock.
  • Keys are no longer listed as "Rare wood drops" in the resource production panel.
  • Players now get subtle warnings the time of day period before a full moon, eclipse or blood moon.
  • Updated copyright date on main menu.
Optimizing and Big Fixes
  • Multithreaded the autosave system, reducing save time substainally for multicore processors.
  • Removed even more erroneous names from the name list.
  • Wrote in a system to remove erroneous names during runtime, preventing them from causing problems.
  • Catjeet nomad children are now in the correct mob group.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow workers to "overfill" the farm while it is being upgraded.
  • Heavily optimized the provisioner price update and stock increase code. This should completely eliminate the "New day" lag some players have been having.
  • Fixed a rare crash when a mob is harvesting a resource and it the tile decays before he completes his work.
  • Fixed crash when casting mend on walls that were completely blocked on all sides.
  • Fixed a minor bug that would make laborers leave the marketplace too quickly sometimes.
  • Fixed a minor shadow generation glitch on the construction phase of the rain catcher.
  • Fixed a few minor errors in the water artwork.
  • Compressed all sound effects a bit, increasing load times and shrinking the game's initial install size.
  • Tons of code cleanup to the input code for the game.
  • Reworked all the code related to coloring mob sprites in game, cleaning up a lot of minor issues with recoloring mobs.
  • Fixed the statistics panel from rendering incorrectly with interface scale settings other than 1.
  • When selecting a terrain while making a new map, you no longer unselect the map size.
  • Fixed mining facility upgrade descriptions.
  • Fixed a minor typo in the catjeet laboror's tasking AI.
  • Fixed a typo in the debug screen, that was showing the topography layers flipped.

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#6523 [InDev 30 Unstable 5 / Ubuntu 16.04] crash when loading save

Posted by Rayvolution on 19 April 2018 - 04:44 AM

Did you have any buildings recently destroyed or dismantled by chance?

Update: Looks like I found the problem, I'll have it fixed for the stable release in a few days. In the meantime, you can fix your save by navigating to the region on the world map (or Skirmish) and hold left shift. A new "Reset AI" button should pop up, when it does, click on it, and you should be good to go.  :)

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#6483 Unstable unstable InDev 30 feedback

Posted by Rayvolution on 13 March 2018 - 04:40 AM

I noticed that farms are flooded with water buckets during upgrades.

I mean the max stock of water buckets is about 24 once the upgrade is finished but the water masters have brought over 40 buckets during the upgrade.


Fixed in Stable Unstable :)

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#6424 InDev 30 Road Map - The Life is Precious Update

Posted by Rayvolution on 06 February 2018 - 04:55 PM

After a nice big bloated dev cycle for InDev 29, it's time to dive in to the next big thing, InDev 30! This update will be focusing on making your villagers more important, valuable and personable as well as reduce the overall amount of monsters and villagers on the map.

A lot of the overall goals of this patch is to lower the mob count on the map, while not changing the pacing or balance of the game. But, as always, there will be fresh, new mechanics as well!

If you have any requests, be sure to post them in the comments. Let me know what you want, and how you want it to work! You might just find it sneak into the next patch. :)

InDev 30 Road Map

  • Villagers will be able to carry more than one resource at a time, massively cutting down on transit time to build or deliver resources. This should compensate for the villager rebalancing mentioned below and help keep the same game pacing with less villagers working.
  • The amount they can carry will be based on their strength stats. The stronger they are, the more they can carry.
Aging / Lifelong Health System
  • Villagers will now age and die. But through providing them a healthy, happy life you can help them live longer.
  • Villagers will eventually "retire" and no longer be able to take a job, but when they chat with villagers they will impart their wisdom on them, giving them experience bonuses so they level up faster.
  • Having good housing, keeping people well fed, happy and having clinics as well as many other factors will assist in extending villager's age.
  • A slight chance the mother, or mother and child will die during child birth will be added. The chance this will happen will be based on the mother's age and health.
Redesigning Monster Spawning
  • Monster spawning will be completely redesigned, favoring "hot zones" where monsters build large amount of spawns far away from the village, rather than randomly placing spawns all over the map.
  • Much less monsters will wander around on the map in the day time, making it safer to venture out or expand.
  • When monsters spawn, they will now spawn at night and almost instantly attack the village. Any leftovers when dawn arrives will return to their spawners.
Rebalancing The Village
  • All village nomad and reproduction rates will be reduced, causing village growth to slow down quite a bit.
  • All occupancy, job slots, farm growth, storage limits, etc will all be reduced.
  • Because of the above, things like hunger and thirst will either drop slower per villager, or food and water will be worth more.
  • All building requirements will be reduced (to compensate for less villagers working).
  • Many work tasks will be buffed, for example, repairing will repair more per attempt.
  • To balance out the lower mob counts, many of the towers, golems, and other defensive mechanics may need to be rebalanced.

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#6354 Build InDev 29b / Windows 10 | Toolsmithy workers going idle

Posted by Rayvolution on 21 January 2018 - 10:01 AM

I'd have to see a copy of your save, it seems very strange you'd have this issue with multiple toolsmithies on multiple saves, and you're the first ever to report this. Unless its user error, you might have a very specific play style no one else has that's somehow triggering it. :)


You can upload a copy of your save with the profile uploader in game, just go to the profile select screen, click the arrow button, click "dev request" and then click upload and reply here with your profile name so I can find it. :)

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