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Hero Altars and Bosses
2 replies to this topic - Started By BryenGX, Jul 04 2016 08:32 AM

#1 BryenGX

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Posted 04 July 2016 - 08:32 AM

Just tossing this one idea I had.


Add Hero altar building that is limited to just 1 per region. If it's too difficult to make that restriction on command card they can already be placed on map as other reclaimable buildings.

Each altar can turn one villager into hero of different class. Assigned hero can't turn back into villager or sent to limbo. If hero dies he can be revived using essence (1000 for example).

Next I'd like to suggest adding Special Boss regions where a really powerful boss monster live. This Boss should be so powerful that you won't stand a chance to defeat him with golems and turrets (or won't have enough time to get enough of them). But at this region you will have power to summon all heroes form every region to fight the Boss - the more regions you have the better are your chances. If hero dies here he also dies in his origin region and needs to be revived. Defeating Boss can unlock new regions, larger buildings or even finish the game.

Don't know how much different hero classes there can be but there should be at least fighter, ranger, healer, and/or mage, summoner.

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#2 pongored81

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Posted 15 July 2016 - 04:36 PM

I was also thinking of a possible hero character(like the top half of OP most), i like the idea of having a character to level against the hordes. I think it might even work to have the hero linked to the profile vs the map. either way would be cool. controllable would be cool too. 

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#3 Bolgfred

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Posted 14 December 2017 - 03:51 AM

I really like this Idea, but I think you're imagine it a bit too exotic with the unique setting, the global effects and such.



I would put this up more simple:


Firstly, we need to add artifacts to the game. Every weapon or tool has a x% chance on creation to be an artifact. The more artifacts you did find, the rarer they become. An artifact cannot be used by villagers, but can be brought to an altar, which turns the altar into a shrine of the specific item. Lock boxes could have a higher chance on containing artifacts.


The altar building is nothing special. The basic level doesn't cost much and has no effect.

After an artifact is delivered to the altar, it will turn into a shrine dedicated to the item. Now a villager will be assigned to this building, which cannot be removed from it again. The villager turns into a hero, replacing the villager attributes with the hero attributes and level.

The hero starts at level 1. At level 5 10 15, the shrine can be upgraded to make the hero more powerful. When a hero dies, he cannot be resurrected and the weapon is lost.

Heros sleep in their shrines. Their behaviour is similar to soldiers.

Depending on the weapon, the hero gains special attributes:


Bow - can walk though forest

Sword - very damage

Shield - tanky, reduces nearby enemy speed / blocks them walking


Axe - aoe attack + chop wood

Pickaxe - create ice hole in frozen water + mine stone

Hoe - long range + maintain fields



To fill their social bar Heroes go speak with villgarers who gain happiness boost by being near the hero. If the hero has a tool as a weapon they fill their social bar with working in their designated job.

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