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✔Academy and upgrading structures!
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Posted 08 October 2014 - 02:35 PM

Hello, I had some ideas for structure upgrading and new structure: academy!



I am not exactly sure if this is already in the game since my game crashed few times (my PC is very old and weak) and I didn't get a chance to see it. Anyway, as you can probably guess, upgrading your building gives it extra possibilities and makes it overall better. Of course, leveling up takes resources and makes that building useless by the time it is upgrading. For example, few levels of farm would look something like this:


Level 1 Farm: Crops take a lot of time to grow which resoults in small amounts of food.


Level 2 Farm: Crops are now being watered which makes crops faster to grow! [Requires 10 water buckets and 20 wood]


Level 3 Farm: People in your village are getting smarter and smarter each day! They have developted some nice tools for tilling the ground. Crops are now growing faster and farms are organized better which means we can place more crops! [Requires average intelligence of 100, 10 wood, 5 stone and discovery in hoe]


Level 4 Farm: Our people became really smart! They have found out a way to get rid of all the insects that are eating our crops! We will not be losing any crops from now on! [Requires average intelligence of 110 and discovery in pesticide]


Level 5 Farm: We have never thought we could stack our farms in height! Our best engineers have found a way of doing it without collapsing! This allows us to save a lot of space and make our village look much more advanced! [Requires average intelligence of 115, 30 wood for each level and discovery of "stacking in the air"]. You can now stack up to 4 levels of farm in height resoulting in massive space savings.




Academy is a structure that is used for finding new discoveries, teaching people and improving overall intelligence!

When starting your academy, you don't really have any smart people since there was nobody that could have taught them. So, how can then anyone become a professor/teacher in academy? Well, few people that have the highest default intelligence might become professors. However, that is not the only requirement to become professor.

You see, intelligence has nothing to do with how much you actually know. So, we need new variable and that is experience. Combining experience and intelligence, we get our first professor. But, you may ask, how can someone get experience? Well, it is random. People would at first get wood by using their hands. Someone would then totally randomly find a sharp stone and use that to break tree. He would see that a sharp object means easier wood. That is just an example of how could someone get experience. With that experience of breaking wood with a sharp object, he could teach that to other people and we then have our first professor! Once you have a few professors in your academy, they will start teaching other people. You can toggle how much people can go to academy and get educated. Your overall people's intelligence will grow, but people that go to academy can't do other jobs like gathering stone or wood while they attend academy. If you need more people, you can always get people from academy to work, but they will start working after they get some rest, which would be 6 game hours. Once people attend academy for 5 days and have intelligence of 120, they can become professors). Number of people who attend academy is based on academy's level.


Level 1 Academy: Small house with some paper on which professors and students write. Costs 40 wood and 30 paper (you can get paper by processing wood, 1 wood = 10 paper). Each day, you will need to refill it with paper. Only 5 people can attend academy.


Level 2 Academy: Slightly bigger house will more space and chalkboard! 10 people can now attend academy!


Level 3 Academy: A house with another floor! 20 people can attend!


Level 4 Academy: The same house, but with better equipment! Students learn much faster!


Level 5 Academy: A lot of technology and bigger rooms make 30 students that can attend academy learn very fast!


To find a new discovery, you need a lot of smart people. Once you reach your 7th professor, you can turn that last guy into a scientist (you must always have at least 6 professors because there are 6 areas that professors teach their students). The more scientists you have, the faster you discover. There are 6 areas you can discover and arrange your scientists. Those are:









Each discovery will increase overall happiness and allow you to do something, like get a new building, get better defence or upgrade your farms.




That is it for now! I hope you like it, I had a ton of fun making these ideas! Thank you for reading!  :)

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