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Build InDev 15d Stable Released
2 replies to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, Jul 18 2015 06:11 PM

#1 Rayvolution

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Posted 18 July 2015 - 06:11 PM

The next content-centric patch for the InDev 15 series is here! This patch adds a bunch of food, a new map, some new terrains, and a mess of bug fixes and rebalancing.

.. oh, and mobs can swim now. ;)

You can report bugs over at the official website's Support and Bugs Forum, or on the Steam Discussion Board. :)

InDev 15d Change Log
- Added map "Black Sands" to the Official Map list.
- Added a warning message if you try to load an old save game from a previous version of the game.
- Updated the minimap colors for the new terrains added in InDev 15c.
- Added depth mapping, now mobs can sink into certain terrain, like tar.
- Some terrain is now invulnerable, like water and lava for example. They can no longer be destroyed by any spells or mobs.
- Mobs can now swim across water if they feel it's the most suitable way to get to their destination.
- "Wandering" AI behavior now takes into account the movement cost to get to a tile, so they're less likely to walk into and around high cost tiles, like tar, crystals and swim in water for no reason.
- Villagers now go home to sleep when their energy is below 20, rather than 50.
- Both the chance to find a new partner, and the chance to mate with that partner have been greatly increased.
- Fire Bolt energy costs have been cut in half.
- "Motivate Land" spell now correctly displays a more accurate influence cost.
- The influence bar now highlights the amount of influence that will be consumed when you cast the currently selected spell or turns red if you lack the required influence.
- Fixed a crash if you use recall or banish on a mob and another mob is following it.
- Fixed a crash if a mob is following another mob, and suddenly the path becomes completely blocked. (Related to the above bug as well)
- New food! Cactus.
- Cactus, and all previous foods (Turnips and Potatoes) can now be planted and harvested properly, and will no longer magically become carrots instead.
- Water texture changed to be more visually suitable for swimming.
- The map editor's info panel now properly loses focus if you close the panel.

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#2 JorisDeReus

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Posted 18 July 2015 - 06:20 PM

Very nice! Some real improvements once again. This game is becoming more and more fun. 

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#3 JsantheCandyman

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Posted 18 July 2015 - 07:13 PM

More terrain options, hmm.


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