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2 replies to this topic - Started By reddragon64, May 06 2015 01:10 AM

#1 reddragon64

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Posted 06 May 2015 - 01:10 AM

Hello,  ^_^


I have a few suggestions
1. Idle villagers tag.
 Would you at the populations tag (where you can see all the information about the villagers)
Creating an idle villager tag. For example, you've got kids and they mature, and I have not seen the text of Jason grew into an adult. It would be very convenient that you add it and so we can see the idle villagers and put them to work.
2. Heroes.
I find heroes very weak, and I read some texts and therefore have an idea.
The ~ problem ~ how heroes die quickly which is as follows, they die from the constant attacks by mobs.
~ Solution ~ I thought what if your heroes gives a faster regeneration lives.
3. Solution rewards system.
I had read a few articles about rewards so I thought why do you do with the maps that you now have a reward. And you use the random world generator just like to get feather.
4. Life to build information.
I thought the building information shows everything except the life of the building. Would you please put that want to put down. (Ps. You still have the picture and the details of the Crystal modiefetor (I do not know how to write sorry) drop.
5. Music silent.
Would you like the music you put the game on pause also would freeze like in minecraft.
6. happenis.
I have a problem with the happenis in the game. I think that it comes down too fast and super long will it take for you to pass on a certain number, are by that time there's been a great zombie attack. And it's very annoying because if one of the dead villagers the happenis is dropping very down.
7. Add new food and stone with folders and more.
You have new types of stone and added food would also like to use in the maps and want to make sure that they do not think they are rock and carrots.
8. Dismantle walls.
Would you like to drop the a button to dismantle the walls.
Thank you all for reading this thank you, :lol:  (ps i've do everything with google translate so sorry for bad englise)

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#2 reddragon64

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Posted 06 May 2015 - 01:57 AM



There is one little thing that make me so anrgry  :angry: big mob invasions. Why because it is so unfair, i don't know is unfair or is just me but the zombie waves are way to fast. In the beginning they come i think mostly at day 4 later at day 3 and now at day 2. And they don't attack not just one times no, 2 times and on day 3 also. I can't  buildt up my defense because they attack to often and my happenis is going down so fast that i must wait that my happenis is on 70( yeah that good for makeing childeren i've you understand me) i must first do some importment like houses and farms things. So would you like that alle the big wave come at day 3 because thay come way to fast and to often

thank you,  :)

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#3 primoslate

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Posted 17 May 2015 - 09:16 AM

@reddragon64 have you tried Peaceful mode?

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