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Game crash when establishing village in "Wolfmere"
No replies to this topic - Started By Spikedread, May 14 2021 02:43 PM

#1 Spikedread

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Posted 14 May 2021 - 02:43 PM

[Update 1c stable / Windows] - When establishing a new village in Wolfmere, the game crashs after placing the camp, when the migrants are supposed to appear at the map edge.


Tried different camp place locations. My migrants immigrate from Deepness.

I have a quest pending to migrate to 3 new regions.


I had a similar crash reported in inDef33f in June 6th 2019 and you fixed it, BUT i started a complete new game in Update 1c. It looks like there is a migration path from Deepness to Wolfmere, but none from Wolfmere to Deepness.


I uploaded my profile with the tag "Crash migrating to wolfmere"




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