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[Update 1, Unstable 2/ Windows 7] - Water bucket generated during game-play doesn't get distributed.
1 reply to this topic - Started By FrozenRuins, Mar 14 2020 03:15 AM

#1 FrozenRuins

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Posted 14 March 2020 - 03:15 AM

Short description:

Water buckets generated during game-play seems to be unable to be distributed from the Well and Water Purifier. Exiting and reentering the map allows all existing stockpiled water buckets at the time of entering the map to be distributed but not newly generated ones.


How i discovered this bug:

Installed the new unstable update and continued to play on Enchanted Shorelines during winter, after a while Ii noticed that my water was getting low. At first I assumed that it was due to everything being frozen, hence i built a few wells. However I then noticed that my Water purifier were completely full while the houses and my bottler had no water buckets stored.


To figure if out if this was due to the winter or the map I quickly hopped on over to another map (Narrow pass) to check if the same problem cropped up there, and picking up a few water buckets from the bottler and houses they were quickly filled with water buckets again. Then I hopped on over back to Enchanted shorelines and immediately saw the water masters move the water out of the wells and purifiers.


Thus I resumed normal game-play with my water supply rising again. However after a while I noticed my water supply starting to decrease again, and noticed the same problem having occurred again. Manually picking up a water bucket and putting it on the ground makes a water master immediately pick it up and delivering it to a house/bottler. I have seen an animal and person drink directly from the well, but have not confirmed if this water was generated during the game session or if the water was there from the beginning of the session.


During second game session on Enchanted shorelines it was never cold enough for the water to freeze again but the bug still occurred. Have not seen if this bug occurred on Narrow pass due to it taking to long for my stockpile of water to decrease.


System specs:

Graphics card:   NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670.

Processor:         AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor

RAM:                 8.00 GB


Update 20.03.2020:

Have confirmed that this does also happens for the rain catcher and the bug is not specific to the Enchanted shorelines, does occur on Narrow pass aswell. Have noticed that distribution from farms, animal pens, the chicken house and normal houses (standard and high quality, haven't tested the max population house) occur without problem.

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#2 Tiberiumkyle

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Posted 23 March 2020 - 12:42 AM

Should be fixed in latest game version.

Also recommend switching to steam forums, these forums aren't checked often due to lack of use and are due to be shut down whenever Ray gets around to it.

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