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1 reply to this topic - Started By Infoblaze, Feb 15 2020 04:54 PM

#1 Infoblaze

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Posted 15 February 2020 - 04:54 PM

Since my last comments the improvements are amazing.  I won't list all the great changes and will instead focus on quality of life improvements I would suggest the developer consider.  All my comments are based around removing all the corruption from the map and playing on survival mode.  Late game in this case usually ends up with around 500 villagers and before you beat the corruption monsters spawning with an average level of around 110 and super monsters spawning well over lv 200. 




Cool downs (great addition by the way).   I would suggest the following tweaks when it comes to cool downs: 


  The cold spell should have doubled the cool down time but increases the duration of effect to somewhere between 120 seconds to 180 seconds.  This is because at late level game play all the monsters move fast.  To survive you are trying to micro Ghosts and Fire elementals while also keeping villagers from dying by constantly spamming the return spell.  Jumping back and forth to cast cold all the time is frantic and just not that fun.


  The bless child spell.  Great addition and I love how it makes looking at some of the villager menus more worthwhile.  I find the cool down tooooo loonnnnggg.  In early game you don't have a lot of mana so it self limits the cast time.  However in late game with 500 villagers trying to cast this spell takes so long I just don't bother.  Tracking down who is blessed and not when I have a villager list that is 8 pages long is just no fun and if the person has already been blessed I have to still wait for the cool down.  I would suggest almost no cool down and something around 1/5 to 1/4 the amount of time.  Sitting around and watching a download bar has been boring since forever and this is what waiting for the spell feels like at the end game.


  Magic light still needs some sort of buff to make it worthwhile.  Currently it is useless.


  Magic balls do no damage and should be removed from the game.


  Banish is not useful and should be changed or removed.  My suggested change would be the spell can only send monsters to a random corrupted tile.  If there are no corrupted tiles than any tile without corruption resistance present should be selected. In the case where there is nowhere to go the spell should fail.  Banishing a lv 200 monster randomly to the middle of your base means instant death in about 30 seconds if you do not catch it right away and everything spirals out of control and is no fun.


  All other spells are great or have some use.  I think there are a few key spells that are needed to actually survive late game and they seem well balanced at this point.


  I would like to see a persistent spell of recall villager until I banish the spell.  This would allow me to zone out area's I don't want villagers in and stop large amounts of frustration from them going all lemming into spells and high level monsters that 1 shot them.




I would like to have a show male and female tag in the menu or even better yet show pregnant females now that you have added an epic new spell that makes looking at villager lists worthwhile.


I would like something in the villager list that makes it more obvious is a villager has been blessed.



Needs some balancing.  It is mostly useless to trade as most resources traded drops the value to almost 0 or 0 in some cases.  To buy anything other than keys doesn't make sense as you would rapidly run out of gold.




Iron is still a problem.  Trading is not an option.  Mining does not produce enough and late game you can't mine as you don't use enough stone.  Meteor is not practical.  The tools and especially armor gets used up way to fast.  That makes anything other than leather armor and wood sword production not practical.  It doesn't matter though as villagers can't hurt high level monsters anyways and instantly die if hit so there is no point to this aspect of the game.


The animal farms and leather production needs some significant buffs.  To keep up with 500 people you need to spam out a silly amount and because they use food the amount of farms needed scales to silly levels.  I have found it is better to just ignore them and make raw vegetables and not waste my time and to ignore the kitchen as well.




You are probably sick of hearing about them being useless but it is more true now than in older versions of the game due to monster lv scaling.  Bow towers are useful for the first two seasons of the first year.  Elemental towers are useful until the fall of the second year if you plan really well. After that they are all useless.  Elemental damage selection is still confusing and seems to make no difference.  I always pick ice as the only use from them is to slow enemies down or to not unfreeze them.




I still hate finding people to res.  Would you please consider a graveyard structure that would attract dead people.  Perhaps also increase spawn rates of ghost villagers if upgraded?


I can't see the difference between normal and blessed villagers.  Not a big deal but even in the villager list having a little yellow circle for a halo or something to show they are special would be nice.  Just looking to feel closer to the villagers and see that my work in blessing them paid off.


I would like to see some blessing for the men as well or that they could pass the blessing onto their partners.

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#2 methujeraya

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Posted 04 May 2020 - 06:56 AM

After playing an hour on peaceful. Then moving to traditional to get a feel for things. I have to agree with your every point. Those inggots are hard to come by. I think I found someone building a combo something to keep eating away the rock so they keep mining. You could also set mining to infinite? but it will generate a lot of  trash

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