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Free Content Patches: What to expect as we move beyond Early Access.
No replies to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, Jan 01 2020 08:27 PM

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Posted 01 January 2020 - 08:27 PM

Greetings everyone! Now that Rise to Ruins has left Early Access, it's time to talk about how development will progress from here on out. As I've stated in the past, development will not end when the game leaves Early Access. But, I would like to change how patches work from here.
In the past I tried to release giant major patches. A huge part of this was up until 2019 major patches broke your save data, so I wanted to be sure I added enough content all at once to make it worthwhile to start over. But, for a large majority of 2019 save files are no longer broken when new patches are releases, and I of course don't plan to break them moving forward from here.
So, what I'm going to start doing is stop releasing future patch Road Maps outlining huge patches with tons of content. Rather, I'm going to start releasing much smaller, more frequent patches and people interested in following very closely with development can either follow me on twitter, or join our discord
Although there will still be occasional big patches, it really depends on what mechanics are being added. Some new mechanics may simply be so extensive they would be nonsensical broken up into smaller parts. For example, the recent hunting patch would not have made much sense if I broke it up into smaller pieces where I added just animals, then just hunting, then just animal pens, and then just butchering/slaughtering mechanics all individually as separate smaller patches. None of those mechanics would have functioned correctly without the other parts.
Just a reminder, as I said in the past all future patches will not be DLC. All future content will be 100% free, and included in the base game. Rise to Ruins will continue to get free content patches as long as I am selling enough copies to support myself and development.

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