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InDev 34 - The Hunting Update - Released!
1 reply to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, Oct 11 2019 10:36 AM

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Posted 11 October 2019 - 10:36 AM

It's time to hunt! The final InDev version of Rise to Ruins has been released! On October 14th the game will launch out of Early Access and the next big content update you'll see after will be called the free "Content Update 1". Exciting times are ahead! :)

This update introduces a massive amount of balance changes, a new hunting system, new mobs, and a ton more. The list is simply too long to summarize properly, so check out the change logs!

InDev 34 Change Log

Rangers and Hunting System
  • Renamed the barracks to ranger station.
  • Renamed guards to rangers.
  • Two new buildings added, the animal pen and the clucker coop. Both buildings house animals that the hunters capture and return to the village. When full, excess animals are then taken by the cooks and slaughtered for meat in the kitchen.
  • Rangers will now hunt for animals during midday, capturing them and taking them to animal pens or clucker coops.
  • Rangers no longer patrol the perimeter of the village during the day time.
  • Rangers no longer can post at outposts or barracks.
  • Rangers now patrol the village during a blood moon, rather than the front lines.
  • Rangers outside the village are no longer called when a village is in danger.
  • Moved rangers lodge and outpost to the food and water category.
Animals and Cooking
  • Four new animals have been added to the game, the clucker, entler, beefalo and rous. All four can be hunted by the rangers.
  • Tons of new resources have been added, including raw meat, cooked meat, eggs, boiled eggs, raw hide, and feathers.
  • Most non-monster mobs now drop meat and byproducts like raw hide upon death, including villagers and doggos.
  • Doggos now only spawn on the edges of the map.
  • Animals also spawn on the edges of the map.
  • Wild animals try to seek out safe locations with food and water to congregate.
  • Rebalanced all food.
  • Doggos and other animals now require less food and water to sustain themselves.
  • Doggos and other animals can no longer die of overheating or freezing.
Save System Optimizations
  • The entire save system for object/building data has been completely rewritten, significantly reducing memory usage and save data size.
  • Numerous changes and improvements to tons of modules have been done to drastically decrease save file size, save time, load time, and memory usage. (Note: The first time you load an old save it may take some additional time as it converts the data to the new format. I also strongly recommend loading and then saving and exiting at least once on every region just to decrease overall load time and memory usage on the world map.)
Balance Changes
  • Cooks and bottlers can now manufacture with their entire workforce again.
  • Doubled both the speed and damage of bows. (Resulting in 4x more DPS)
  • Tripled the ammo capacity of quivers.
  • Villagers now use hostile towers and corruption in their fight or flight mechanics.
  • Tools now require wood boards and iron.
  • Bows now require silk and wood.
  • Iron armor now requires raw hide and iron ingots.
  • Medkits now require silk and wood.
  • Quivers now require feathers and wood.
  • Heavily buffed rations.
  • Rations now require a raw meat and a raw vegetable.
  • All buildings that make the above mentioned resources now have had their storage changed to store those resources.
  • Elders can no longer turn into zombies when blighted.
  • Rebalanced zombies very slightly.
  • Removed intelligence from the game.
  • Removed happiness from the game.
  • Completely overhauled entire resource storage system, now buildings can store fixed amounts of each resource type rather than a total of any resource types they can store.
  • Completely rebalanced storage limits of nearly all buildings.
  • It is now easier to push back the corruption.
  • Maintaining infinite refined resources will now manufacture them regardless if storage space exists.
  • Less monsters now spawn overall, but their levels increase more rapidly.
  • Monster level increases extremely fast when the corruption is highly threatened. (Warning: If you pinned the corruption in your save, the difficulty may be unexpectedly much higher suddenly.)
  • The corruption can now be completely destroyed, but it's extremely hard and time consuming.
  • Doubled resource decay times for most resources, and tripled others.
  • It now takes less trashy trash to make a trashy cube.
  • Reduced farm range to 24.
  • A fourth dark purple work selection color has been added to signal when a work selection has been threatened.
  • When pushing back the corruption, it becomes more resistant and slower to push back the more pinned it is.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Workers now try to equip the best tools or food available rather than anything they can find.
  • Loading tips moved to the main game, and now the game starts paused.
  • Top popup panels no longer overlap the left panel's category buttons.
  • Reduced the overlay font size slightly.
  • Raw food renamed to raw vegetables.
  • Slightly optimized mob rendering code.
  • Perimeter generation code completely removed from the game.
  • Changed Doofy Wild Doggo to Wild Doofy Doggo.
  • Armorsmiths can now make leather armor.
  • Wooden shield renamed to leather shield, and can also now be made by armorsmiths.
  • The toolsmith can now make wooden swords.
  • Villagers no longer enter a home when they claim it for the first time.
  • Console banners are now smaller, 6 can be displayed at once, and they decay faster when there's a backlog.
  • Tweaked the storage priority of many buildings.
  • Resources can no longer be paused or banished from a building.
  • Building perks are now retroactive.
  • Wolfmere is no longer connected to Deepnesse
  • Added a new "Make/Maintain until storage is full" option for all resources.
  • Harvesting tasks are now set to maintain to storage limits by default, rather than infinite. Although the infinite option still exists if you want to use it.
  • Made loot boxes more encouraged to teleport closer to the village.
  • Added a "backup your saves" warning to old profiles loading InDev 34 for the first time.
  • Changed the disclaimer page to remove mention of Early Access.
Bug Fixes
  • Implemented possible fix for the "lazy bowyer" problem.
  • Fixed a few incorrect tips and tooltip descriptions.
  • Processed leftover trashy trash at the trash processor can no longer go over the storage limits.
  • Fixed a typo in the Total Home Occupancy tooltip.
  • Twitch integration text box now properly loses focus when you close the settings panel.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause object data to not load correctly on custom user maps.
  • Fixed a minor bug in damage calculations RNG that could throw an error if the mob's stats were too low.
  • Fixed a very minor layer color issue with the doggo sprite animations.
  • Placing walls for construction no longer automatically deletes the topography under it.
  • Fixed a crash when nomads tries to visit a village and the camp/castle was destroyed.
  • Sleeping AI branches now obeys the booleans that dictates if they can sleep inside or outside.
  • Fixed a bug where sleep and incapacitated animations would not reset properly.
  • Fixed an Ancillary on Black Coast that could not be dismantled or reclaimed.
  • Implemented bandaid fix for the resourceCount crash.
  • Fixed an issue with refine AI if no storage exists anywhere for the refined material (even if the building would make space once a resource is refined) production would halt.
  • Fixed a crash related to the clear out resources AI by deleting the clear out resources AI.
  • Send villagers goal now counts correctly.
  • Year calculations fixed (Yes, again)
  • Fixed a string key call in the trash AI task list.
  • Fixed a bug where a monsters "breakaway chance" would fire too rapidly in the day time, possibly causing some lag at dawn.

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Rise to Ruins Developer

#2 LeslieSog

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Posted 17 September 2021 - 11:26 AM

nice finally star campaign in solo mode good update again nadeo... Edit: Nations players can they have the stadium tracks as a new addition to solo play...?
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