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Build InDev 34 Unstable 3 Released
No replies to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, Sep 11 2019 12:47 PM

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Posted 11 September 2019 - 12:47 PM

Click here for help on accessing the Unstable branch!

Unstable 3 has arrived! This patch introduces a ton of small changes, AI improvements and general preparation for the game's launch in October! For the next month, all additional changes will be to gear up for the big "Release" patch on October 14th. So post all your nitpicks in the comments! Exciting times are coming. :)

NOTE: This patch makes extensive chances to your save data, I highly recommend backing up your profile before playing. When you launch the game, a warning panel will pop up, when it does, click "Open Install Folder" and then make a backup copy of the /profiles/ folder!

InDev 34 Unstable 3 Change Log

Balance Changes
  • Cooks and bottlers can now manufacture with their entire workforce again.
  • Doubled both the speed and damage of bows. (Resulting in 4x more DPS)
  • Tripled the ammo capacity of quivers.
  • Villagers now use hostile towers and corruption in their fight or flight mechanics.
  • Tools now require wood boards and iron.
  • Bows now require silk and wood.
  • Iron armor now requires raw hide and iron ingots.
  • Medkits now require silk and wood.
  • Quivers now require feathers and wood.
  • Heavily buffed rations.
  • Rations now require a raw meat and a raw vegetable.
  • All buildings that make the above mentioned resources now have had their storage changed to store those resources.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Rangers now hunt animals in the morning.
  • Cluckers can now lay eggs.
  • Animals being slaughtered no longer plays the death sound.
  • Workers now try to equip the best tools or food available rather than anything they can find.
  • Loading tips moved to the main game, and now the game starts paused.
  • Top popup panels no longer overlap the left panel's category buttons.
  • Reduced the overlay font size slightly.
Bug Fixes
  • Implemented possible fix for the "lazy bowyer" problem.
  • Animal domesticated this period now properly ticks up when you capture an animal.
  • Fixed a few incorrect tips and tooltip descriptions.
  • Missing water bottle drinking flags for new animals added.
  • Processed leftover trashy trash at the trash processor can no longer go over the storage limits.
  • Fixed a typo in the Total Home Occupancy tooltip.
  • Twitch integration text box now properly loses focus when you close the settings panel.
  • Problems panel now properly detects all food types when checking if the village has food.
  • Fixed numerous areas where the game AI was only looking at raw food and rations rather than all new food types.
  • Fixed an Ancillary on Black Coast that could not be dismantled or reclaimed.
  • Implemented bandaid fix for the resourceCount crash.
  • Domesticated animals no longer count on the population panel's unassigned workers.

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