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in dev 34 suggestion : new possibility of defense ( bulding and order)
No replies to this topic - Started By supermash, Jul 12 2019 12:45 PM

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Posted 12 July 2019 - 12:45 PM

Hello everyone and thanks for coming here read my suggestion.

Don't hesitate to reply to this suggestion.


So when i saw the new alpha unstable uptade with the new guard system ( they become hunter now), i was very hype and i want give my brick to this update  by giving more suggestion on this topic.


So my suggestion is about this new system.


First i think we should call the former guard the " protector of the city " with the job name " protector"..


the name of guard is seated now start the first part of my suggestion concerning the barrack


the level one of the barrack should  be called "protector house".

The level 1 of the protector house is the same as the level one of the barrack.

But for the first upgread the bulding will have 2 ways of upgread.


the first will be to become a "hunter guild" which give bonus for hunting with global bonus.

The second way is to become the "protector castle" ( and only one will be allowed by village ) which give a large amount of protector with regen bonus.


But that not all ! this protector castle will have one special Power for the village.

I will detail it in the next part.


This second part concern a new ability to defend your village.


aren't you tired to see your villager die because you can't say him to hide or take weapons at the town center ?

So this part is made for you.


this idea is to give  to you the possibility to call all your villager ( except protector and medic ) to hide in their house or in the protector castle ( if you have ) or at the closer bunker ( i will detail it in my last part ) if he can.

so after you reach some level of your town center you will earn this ability to give this order to all your villager by order it from your town center with a button called " alert the village". and the best is you will hear a alert music with church bell.


But be warmed this possibility will hide all your villagers so they won't defend the village so if you don't have a good protector/ defense system, nobody will defend your village.

However you can cancel this order but after some time.


And what is the special ability of the protector castle ? don't be hurry i come to it.

The protector castle first will be a shelter for your village so they can hide  inside but it will activate the possibility to give a second order to the village : the order of "defend".


This order will make the exact oposite of the first order ( "alert the village"  which will make your villager hide).

It will say to all your villager : " go to the protector castle and come equip weapons and armor to fight the monsters inside the village" so they will come to the protector castle, equip a weapon ( if their no weapon they will get a wood sword, it's better than nothing ) , wear an armor if they can and then fight for their home.

This order is only possible if you have one protector castle.

when this order is activate nobody work in your village except the medic so stop it when you don't need it.

And when you stop this order, all your villager will bring back their equipement.

You need to wait a little before cancel this order after activating it.


Finally  my last suggestion about this is to have a real new bulding : " the shelter".

The shelter is simple, protect the village on the order "alert the village" and when a villager is on danger he can hide inside.


The shelter can stock food and supply and it have a large amount on HP ( maybe 3000 on lvel 1 but not sure ) but it ask a lot of stone to be build.

If you uppgread the shelter it will increase the hp , the stock of food ans supply and the amount of person who can get inside.


It will also create a new job : " the shelter master " after you upgread the shelter and his job is to make the stock of food and supply, repair the shelter and act as a role of doctor inside of a shelter to heal people inside ( but they heal only people in danger and this is not a hospital inside so you will need real doctors)


I have many ideas with my suggestion but it's already very long and thank you to come so far on this suggestion , you are the best.


have a good day.

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