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InDev 34 Road Map - The Fishing and Hunting Update
No replies to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, Jun 06 2019 01:17 AM

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Posted 06 June 2019 - 01:17 AM

Just slightly over 5 years ago (May 3rd, 2014), I decided to make a simple pathfinding tech demo, to prove you can design a large scale pathfinding system for thousands of creatures all at once on a large, complex map. Well, that tech demo sparked an idea, an idea that turned into what you're currently playing; Rise to Ruins.

Now, after 5 years of solo development, the final InDev release is underway! (Actually, it has been underway for about 2 weeks, but hey!) Your support has been amazing over these 5 years, and I'm proud to announce InDev 34 will be the last content update before Rise to Ruins leaves Early Access In October!

This primary focus of this update is (you guessed it!) to add new hunting and fishing to the game. Part of that will also mean reworking guards and adding more complex food options. There will also be a ton of tweaks and improvements done to the new save system, corruption mechanics, as well as the usual general optimizations and improvements.

Rise to Ruins development will not end when the game leaves Early Access in October.
So be sure to keep posting your suggestions and opinions! I will be supporting the game and continuing on with additional 100% free content patches well after Rise to Ruins has left Early Access.

You guys have been amazing over the years, and I thank you for all your support on discord, twitter and writing reviews on Steam! This has been an amazing experience, and I have you guys to thank for it!

I encourage you to post your nitpicky tweaks/gripes/suggestions below! Now that the game is moving into its home stretch to launch, all future patches will have a heavy focus on fixing/polishing "the little things" as I go. So now is the time to complain about all those "little things" that bug you, no matter how small! :)

InDev 34 Road Map

Hunting and Fishing
  • Guards will be completely redesigned into a new hunter job (Name pending, suggest one below!) This new job class will combine the functions of the new hunters and the function of guards into a single job. During the day time, they will hunt animals out in the wilderness, and during night they will defend the village.
  • The current outposts and barracks will be re-purposed into hunters guilds/lodges (Again, name pending! Suggest something!). Functionally they will remain fairly similar. This is a rename/reskin of the building to make it suitably themed with the new hunter job.
  • New animals will be added to the game, to be hunted. They will spawn on uncorrupted land in and outside the village.
  • A new fishing hut will be added, allowing you to fish in nearby waters.
  • Dev time permitting, the new fishing hut will be able to be built on the water.
  • To complement the new fishing and hunting systems, new complex foods will be added. The kitchen will be able to combine multiple combinations of foods into more complex and nutrient rich dishes.
  • A new farm type will be added to house captured animals, to be slaughtered, bred or farmed as needed.
Corruption Changes
  • Due to rioting with pitchforks popular demand, the corruption mechanics will be altered, allowing you to completely annihilate the corruption in a region if you're skilled enough. (But it won't be easy!)
  • Monster spawn rate will be slightly re-balanced, opting to spawn higher level monsters rather than higher amounts of monsters. Although spawn counts will still increase, just at a lower rate.
  • A nightly spawn cap will be reintroduced (Similar to InDev 32's mechanics), but instead, when the nightly spawn cap is reached the game will start to greatly increase monster levels.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • The object/building data will be completely overhauled, reducing overall memory usage, and decreasing save and load times.
  • All building perks will now be retroactive.
  • Dev time permitting, workshop support will be added for custom maps.
  • Dev time permitting, bridges will be added to the game.

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