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InDev 33e - The Red Sands Biome Update - Released!
2 replies to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, May 20 2019 08:10 PM

#1 Rayvolution

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Posted 20 May 2019 - 08:10 PM

The last planned content patch of InDev 33 is here, introducing 9 brand new maps in a brand new biome, and created by a member of the community no less! The Red Sands biome, by Shade (Give him a follow on Twitter as a thank you!)

In addition to the new biome, I've also fixed a ton of bugs and improved the AI. So be sure to check out the change log!

If you're interested in following development much more closely, don't forget to follow me on Twitter or join the awesome community on Discord!

InDev 33e Change Log

Miscellaneous Changes
  • 9 new maps have been added to the world map, creating a brand new "Red Sands" biome to explore!
  • Increased the threat range of hostile towers and mobs.
  • Added several community contributors to the credits page.
  • Monsters can no longer spawn from incomplete buildings.
  • "Clear Resources from Road" AI added that will prevent incorrect resources from sitting on a road and stopping your way makers from upgrading it.
  • New builder AI improvements that should help avoid the "Waiting for one last hit of work" taking forever because the worker tasked with the job is on the other side of the village.
  • All other panels on the world map now close when the player attempts to open a chest or complete a goal.
  • The total available storage resource counts on the resource bar and panel no longer count buildings with paused or banned resources.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash if you tried to place a building or draw terrain with a very tall shadow on the most-eastern or southern edge of the map.
  • "Ready to migrate" no longer pops up on already established villages with migrants en route.
  • Fixed a rare bug if a mob was killed while another mob was attacking it, and you saved and exited the game before the other mob's AI reset, it could cause a crash on reload.
  • Fixed total years being offset by 1 day.
  • Workers no longer repair abandoned buildings.
  • Fixed a bug where water harvesting will not respect if a building's storage if paused or disabled when deciding to harvest more water, possibly causing an over harvesting problem.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash with no sound device active.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes some goals that has map specific requirements on maps you didn't yet occupy would cause the game to crash.

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Rise to Ruins Developer

#2 Rikiki

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Posted 23 May 2019 - 02:42 PM

Hi Ray!

Just a small feedback about the new trash system.


In my last village (100 citizens), I have the following buildings all fully upgraded:

- 2 landfills,

- 2 processors,

- 4 burners,

- several trash bins.


Please note that I did not used the Cube-E trash golems yet, so my feeling may be biased but here it is if it can help.


1) Burners seems to burn too slowly and trashes accumulates really fast.

2) Processors are fine but end up being saturated by "trashy trash".

3) I thought I could use manpower and processors to manage trash and get rid of the excess with burners but for now it seems that processors have no real interrest as trash continues to pile up.

4) 4 burners seems excessive for such a medium village. 2 would feel right in my opinion.

5) Trash bins taking each one one building slot seems too much.



* burners should burn faster.

* processors should remove trash once "recycled".

* only count one building slot per 2 or 4 trash bins?


As said before, I may have a bad feeling as I did not invest in Cube-E golems yet.

Please tell me if I am doing something wrong to handle this mountain of trash! :-)

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#3 eLmoon

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Posted 28 May 2019 - 06:21 AM

Yeah I'd say you deffs need those Cube-E's in any village!


My village had trash everywhere until I got a them in place. They compress the trash and after getting the cube-e's my landfill quickly started emptying when it was always full before, and my trash cans would be emptied and stop getting full

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