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InDev 33d, Game Polishing Suggestions for the developer to consider
No replies to this topic - Started By Infoblaze, May 20 2019 01:19 PM

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Posted 20 May 2019 - 01:19 PM

I have been playing this game almost since the first version and have been very impressed by how much better the game has become over time.  After playing the latest version I have some suggestions for the game developer to consider to help make the game more enjoyable from a player experience perspective.


I will try and list the idea into major themes so you can understand why I am making the suggestion.


1.  Reducing click spam

  • Have a feature to mass produce rock and some iron.  The growth spell is an excellent example as I can safely mass produce trees and crystals with a single mouse click.  Clicking 300 times to make rocks every game day and or cast meteor for iron is not fun.  The create material spell is fine but let me have a bigger cast radius.  I would prefer to pick the material to make and each could have an associated mana cost.  Allow for a large area to be picked, perhaps by increasing or decreasing the bush size and scaling the mana cost accordingly.
  • The dissolve spell needs to be cast multiple times to break down bodies and you have to click dead bodies way to much to break them down.  Late game this is stupid and really not fun and causes lag.  The dissolve spell should end click spam not cause it. I would suggest for the mana cost one cast should completely break down all bodies in its radius.  Double the cast length or double its breakdown power would be suggestions.  A slightly larger radius would be nice and nothing needs to be changes for how it reacts to wood or crystals.
  • Picking up resources.  This is a major problem.  The game is laggy to begin with and the system you have implemented to grab resources from a building is a very poor design for moving large volumes of a particular resource.  I would suggest a system like black and white uses where the god hand can vaccum up large amounts of the selected resource and then move them to another location.  Do away with the mana reduction while holding resources and slightly reduce the cost to pick up resources.  This should allow large amounts to be moved.  I would much rather hold the mouse button than click 100 times just to gather water or wood.  If you don't like the idea of me harvesting a whole forest in a single click then just increase the cost for pulling raw resources vs moving already harvested resources.


2.  Game agency


  • The new game balance and corruption system are really great but they have changed the overall way the game is played.  I think the old method of allowing god skills to be cast on corruption needs to be added again.  In the old way of playing it was great fun to nuke monster buildings, safely cast storm away from my buildings and steal resources from monsters and just otherwise be a pest.  While this doesn't win or lose the game overall it allows for more play options and improves the overall fun the game has to offer.
  • Magic generation.  Late game this becomes a real problem where over half the buildings are magic generators and then you eventually run out of crystals to power them and you can't cast spells.  I would prefer one more upgrade to generators to buff the late game magic generation rate and density so I can continue to be active with god powers for longer.  Yes, at night you have a lot of god power, if you want to click bodies all day and break them down for mana.  However, that usually goes back into survival at the very late endgame levels.
  • Golem control.  They keep running outside of my walls one at a time and getting wrecked late game!  I want to build something or do something to tell them to stop!  I would like them to stack after the gate and protect it and stay within the range of the repair towers so I can use some strategy when it comes to their use.
  • Most towers are not good enough to bother using late game.  This reduces the choices to near zero and does not provide enough incentive to make any bolt or stone throwing towers.  Also, as almost all stone gets used up late game this further reduces any incentive to make any stone type tower or golem as they generate click spam as punishment (i.e create material) and they are not really effective anyways. 
  • Mazes are broken and have never really worked in this game.  Monsters always punch through walls and building walls are annoying as the game blocks the build radius around them.  Monsters are never attracted to gates and double or triple gates are pointless.  Gates should have a massive monster pull bonus and if there is ANY viable path to the gate they should leave walls alone so you can create paths.  I can show you an example of the late game play style the current mechanics produce but I will sum it up by saying you make a giant kill box.
  • Towers are too susceptible against fire elemental.  Some of the towers can't even fire as they don't have the range and are broken without even being able to fight back.  Fire elemental are pretty much what ends all late games and it would be good to have some options to fight back against them more effectively or protect and or repair towers from them.
  • Ghosts and resurrection.  I will be blunt I HATE HATE HATE the system.  I have always hate it and will continue to hate it.  It is a hate that burns brighter the longer I see it in the game.  The issue is it is a stupid RNG pray to the gods that Waldo spawns and you can waste hours trying to find him. As the village gets bigger this is even more annoying.  My issue is this is a game that should be about planning and strategy not randomly wasting my time looking for something that may or may not be present.  The chest spawn is fair in comparison as you can see a glowing circle around them.  If you want to waste time looking for ghosts be my guest but please the more sane player base to build a structure or in some way attract them.  For example let me upgrade the Cullis gate so it allows for a 100% spawn rate and pulls all ghosts to it.  It can be in two upgrades the first being increasing spawn of ghosts and the second to pull them over.  Even if it cost 1000 of every resource in game I would GLADLY pay it to be saved the torture of finding ghosts!!!!!  Really I want to stress this is really not fun and really ruins parts of the game like collecting the god points for completing a number of resurrections for me.
  • Spells.  The new game system has really made a large amount of spells useless or dangerous to cast as late game you only have your village to work with.  This could be a full review on its own but I am sure you already know all about this issue.  I will pick on just one minor spell that in particular is useless that could use a buff.  That is create light.  Really if you could collect statistics I can guarantee no one uses this spell.  As a suggestion allow for it to provide a small amount of heat so I can melt water in the winter or allow crops to grow or something, anything useful. 
  • Stop having villagers become scared from everything I am doing as a god.  Make them more like the golems.  They should know they have a god and shouldn't be so confused all the time unless I am attacking them.  
  • More hording, bigger numbers :)  I want to store more rock, more wood more everything!  This one is just for fun but I would prefer buffed storage rather than building 4 of the same storage building.  Adding more upgrades per building would be nice.  Probably just 1 more or the game could really get broken....even if that would be fun.
  • Menus.  The building menu is a good example of something that is not helpful.  I would like to be able to see what buildings are not upgraded and click a little up arrow right in the menu to upgrade the building, as an example of an upgrade to the menus.


3.  Game speed and lag


  • Nothing new here I think you understand the problem well.  I would say the game plays out really slow and x3 speed should be the standard speed.  x1 speed is really like 1/4 time speed.  There should be a x4 speed.  
  • Late game lag is always an issue but you already know.  Sorry I am not a programmer so I have no great suggestions as to how to fix the problem.  I can only tell you as a player it really keeps this game from greatness.  I turn off all the fancy options in an attempt to make it play faster.



Overall a fantastic game where I have put more time into this game than most Final Fantasy titles.  I look forward to future development of the game. I think you have created something really special here which is why I have taken the time to write down so many thoughts as a long time player.  I hope you find something here that is useful!

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