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Build InDev 33 Unstable 5 Released
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Posted 28 April 2019 - 02:50 PM

Click here for help on accessing the Unstable branch!

This is a fairly small cleanup patch, if you're looking for the recent juicy bits see the 26th's InDev 33 Unstable 4 release!

This release is effectively a pre-release of InDev 33 Stable, barring any issues. So please make sure to play test the hell out of it! If you're waiting for InDev 33 Stable to be released, you can go ahead and start playing this one as currently no new content and changes are planned before release (Likely on the April 30th or May 1st). Exceptions being fixing any bug that may creep up.

(NOTE: Current existing combobulators will need to be upgraded or rebuilt, old save combobulators do not work correctly in Unstable 4 and 5!)

InDev 33 Unstable 5 Change Log

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Optimized the object module's work efficiency update speeds.
  • Localization mods no longer load strings with old revision numbers.
  • When loading a localization mod, a missing strings text file is generated in the mod's folder, listing out all missing or modified strings the modder needs to check out to get their mod back to 100% after a patch.
  • Added trash tip.
  • Removed "Smooth Particles" setting as it is no longer used in the new particle system.
  • Removed the map size art from the GUI
  • Corrected a few object's description lengths.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an out of range bug with the road tool that would crash the game is you scroll off the map.
  • Fixed a lag/memory issue at dawn when monsters tried to go home, if too many monsters existed on the map.
  • Implemented possible fix for map data going slightly out of sync with other save data during autosaves.
  • Fixed an issue where world map save data wouldn't reset when changing profiles.
  • Fixed road counts on the road panel.
  • Fixed old golems crashing the game if their combobulator was dismantled.

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