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Build InDev 33 Unstable 3 Released
No replies to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, Apr 20 2019 03:20 PM

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Posted 20 April 2019 - 03:20 PM

Click here for help on accessing the Unstable branch!

Introducing the most ambitious balance change in a long time; the brand new corruption and spawning system!

Many players have complained the corruption system wasn't quite working as they wanted it to. So, this re-balance is entirely based on community feedback trying to fix many of the issues you guys complained about. The old corruption system just wasn't up to snuff, it was either too hard (if you let the corruption grow on its own), or too easy (if you exploited it).

As a result, this patch introduces a complete and total rewrite of the entire spawning and corruption system. Also, the world/global corruption level system was quite simply a bad game design, and has also been completely removed from the game.

This patch technically will not break your save data, but be ready for a totally different experience next time you load the game. Those of you who like to "pin" the corruption may die very quickly, I suggest giving the corruption some breathing room as fast as humanly possible, if you can. If you don't pin the corruption the spawn rates will likely be very high for a few days, but smooth out as the corruption claims the land it should have had.

In addition to the sweeping corruption and spawn system changes, I've also rebalanced the trash system a bit, fixed several bugs and completely redesigned the resource bar!

Let me know in the comments what you think of all the changes. Especially the new game balance. Too easy, too hard, just right? Just please note, your old save's balance may be totally out of whack, so please reframe from reporting balance issues until you start a new region! :)

InDev 33 Unstable 3b *HOT FIX* Change Log

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause villagers to try to wander outside the village to pickup a resources.
InDev 33 Unstable 3 Change Log

Corruption and Spawning Rewrite
  • Corruption and spawning power is now based on the current day and how much space in the region the corruption desires and cannot have because you've blocked it, rather than the old system where spawn rates were determined by the overall size of the corruption. This means that if you allow the corruption to cover half the map, the spawn rates will be lower than if you box them in a corner.
  • Corruption's desired amount of land is based on the current day and total amount of buildings the corruption has built.
  • Corruption resistance stats no longer exist, rather, the corruption now always avoids being near your village no matter the resistance level. It will just never enter your village, and it will very quickly recede if you try to expand into it.
  • Reduced rate corruption tiles eat away at resources.
  • Completely removed all global/world corruption mechanics from the game.
  • A new corruption threat bar has been added above the influence bar. This bar determines the additional spawn rate increase from the baseline for the current day. The bar will increase as the corruption becomes "boxed in" and desires more land than you will allow it to have. The higher the bar, the harder the game will be.
  • Corruption tiles that get pushed back may spawn monsters, regardless of time of day.
  • The entire spawn rate curve has been smoothed out, and there should no longer be any significant "surprise difficulty increases", unless you purposely try to box in the corruption and make the corruption threat level skyrocket.
Trash System
  • Slightly reduced the rate Trashy Slime spawn.
  • Increased the rate trash in the corruption decays.
  • Trashy Slime no longer spawn from trash of on the corruption.
  • Rebalanced several areas where trash is generated, increasing or decreasing the rate as needed.
  • Water purifiers can now generate trash.
  • Decreased the spawn rate of suspiciousy trash.
  • Non-trashy trash or trashy trash cubes can now decay into trashy trash over a very long period of time. (eg; Woody trash will decay into trashy trash.)
  • You can no longer build/dismantle trashy cube buildings to get rid of trash.
  • Boosted Cube-E golem strength and reduced dexterity.
  • Trashy slimes no longer spawn in peaceful mode.
  • Processors now have speed boosts.
Revamped Resource Bar and New Resource List Panel
  • The resource bar has been completely redesigned, and can now be customized.
  • A new resource list panel has been added, inside the panel you can see the resource counts of every resource in the village, this is also where you customize the resources listed on the new resource bar.
  • In both the new resource list panel and new resource bar, you can now see the total remaining storage space for that resource.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Improved the builder's clearing AI so they will prioritize clearing terrain blocking construction.
  • Removed the day length multiplier from the custom mode settings.
  • Increased the amount of nomads that can spawn, when they do.
  • Golems can no longer enter the corruption for any reason.
  • Cube-E, Labor, and Courier golems now provide god XP and goal progressions when completing tasks.
  • Labor golems now live a little longer.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed several missing text strings from the trash system.
  • Fixed problem panel attacking building count from counting the wrong data.
  • Water Bottlers no longer place trash in the bottler.
  • Farm's farming speed reduction bonus is now properly applied to farmers.
  • Crystal Golem Combobulators are now considered a way point for golems.
  • Fixed some particle over-generation issues when you increase game speed.
  • Cullis gates now overloads properly.
  • Fixed a few minor GUI errors.
  • Process Trashy Cubes goal now works correctly.

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