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Build InDev 33 Unstable 2 Released
No replies to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, Apr 11 2019 06:23 PM

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Posted 11 April 2019 - 06:23 PM

Click here for help on accessing the Unstable branch!

Trash has arrived! This build introduces tons of new buildings and mechanics all related to the trash system, as well as the usual mess of bug fixes and balance changes.This is also the first build ever released after the new save system changes, and if all goes well this version should be completely compatible with your Unstable 1 saves even though it introduces a ton of new mechanics that would have previous invalided them!

The end results of the trash system came out quite a bit differently than the original road map. So as per usual, check out the change log for all the juicy details! Be sure to let me know if you encounter any issues, especially with old save data!

InDev 33 Unstable 2 Change Log

Trash System
  • When a resource is destroyed, created or manufactured, there will be a small chance trash will be left behind. This can happen in many ways, including harvesting, building, refining, dismantling, etc.
  • There are many types of trash, like "Woody Trash" and "Rocky Trash". These various trash types have some value, and can be processed at the new processor for a chance to gain some free materials.
  • New Worker: "Trasher", their job will be to clean up the trash found on the ground and take it to landfills, burners and processors.
  • Trash can only be stored in small, cheap to build trash bins, a landfill, in the processor, or a burner.
  • New Monster: "Trashy Slimes". Trash on the ground can spawn these slimes if you don't keep up with it.
  • New Building: Trash Bin. A small building that stores a small amount of trash, but when stored it can no longer spawn trashy slimes. All workers will be allowed to take trash to this building.
  • New Building: Landfill. A large building for storing larger amounts of trash. But only trashers can bring trash to this building.
  • New Building: Processor. Can store a small amount of trash, and when the trashers are not busying cleaning up trash, they can process certain trash types at this building, destroying it entirely, or sometimes getting free resources or "trashy trash" (worthless trash) back.
  • New Building: Burner. Similar to a processor, but it will automatically (and very, very slowly) destroy trash and once fully charged, generate essence. It can not store very much trash and will never return free materials.
  • Cube-E Golems have been added to the game, and are built at the new Cube-E Golem Combobulator.
  • Cube-E Golems are completely automated, and will process Trashy Trash anywhere in the village into more compact Trashy Cubes, that can be used in some limited construction options (listed below), or burned in a burner.
  • New Building: Cube-E Golem Combobulator. Just like other combobulators, stores up energy and spawns a golem, but consumes iron rather than wood, rock or crystal.
  • New Wall: Trashy Cube Wall. Similar to stone walls, except made of trashy cubes processed by the Cube-E Golems. These walls are only built by Cube-E Golems, and not by your regular builders.
  • New Building: Trashy Cube Pile. This new building serve no functional purpose, but cost an excessive amount of Trashy Cubes to build. This building can be constructed to purposely consume large amounts of Trashy Cubes. Like Trashy Cube Walls, they can only be built by Cube-E Golems.
  • Rebalanced decay rates of all resources. Resources like rocks now last longer, where as resources like raw food last shorter.
  • When a resource decays, it now becomes trash rather than gets removed from the game.
  • New trash processing goal added.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Survival, Peaceful, and Sandbox mode now all have a season length of 7 days, instead of 5.
  • Nightmare now has a season length of 7 days in the Spring and Autumn, and 10 in Summer and Winter.
  • Traditional now has a season length of 8 days in the Spring and Autumn, and 6 in Summer and Winter.
  • Survival, Peaceful, and Sandbox mode full moon cycles are now every 9 days, instead of 7.
  • Nightmare mode full moon cycles are now every 12 days, instead of 8.
  • Ancillary building cap increase provided increased by 2.
  • Castle building cap increase provided increased by 4.
  • New interaction tile flag system is implemented, allowing multiple interaction points on a single building, making work look more natural.
  • Clearing terrain can now generate a limited amount of free resources, but also generates excess trash.
  • The world tooltips now have descriptions where applicable, like when hovering over a building, or a harvestable resource.
  • All resources now have tooltip descriptions.
  • Crystillers can now use hammers and pick axes.
  • Added the final list of patreon names to the name pool.
  • Combobulators can now store a very small amount of the resource they use to spawn.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a save backwards compatibility issue loading resource color types stores in objects.
  • Fixed mining facility construction phase shadows.
  • Fixed a crash if you tried to start a new game with debug mode running.
  • Added missing particles for wall construction outlines.
  • Fixed a typo on the "Generate Mob Sheet" dev tool button.
  • Fixed the bonus nomads rate from being off by 1 making the first perk ineffective.
  • Season switch date has been offset by one, where the next season would have started on the 5th day in the previous patch, it now starts on the 6th. (Note that season length has also changed, so pre-bug fix the it would have started on the 7th day, but now properly starts on the 8th)
  • Fixed an extremely rare save corruption bug caused by workers completing refining/manufacturing resource work at a building at the exact moment it is destroyed.
  • Harvesting raw food from a farm now counts to the harvesting goals on the world map.

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