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Build InDev 33 Unstable 1 Released
No replies to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, Mar 22 2019 01:49 PM

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Posted 22 March 2019 - 01:49 PM

Click here for help on accessing the Unstable branch!

The first working build of the new Rise to Ruins save system has arrived! This is a major first step in bringing backwards compatibility to your save systems, so future patches will greatly minimize the risk of your saves becoming obsolete. It also opens the door to add Steam Cloud support when InDev 33 stable is completed.

It is very likely this new system may have save bugs to work out, and could even corrupt your saves, or crash. Keep in mind a lot of this system is designed specifically to keep your saves from corrupting in the future, as an oddball side effect of that, that means a lot of times you can load the game with corrupted or missing data and it'll still load just fine (resetting the corrupted or missing data back to default so you can chug forward). Thus, you need to do more than just check if the save loads. Make sure everything is just as you left it. So please, if you find anything "wrong" in your data when you reload, please let me know as soon as possible, even if it has no direct impact on your game play.

In addition to the save system, this patch also includes a bunch of random small fixes. So be sure to check out the change log. :)

InDev 33 Unstable 1 Change Log

New Save System
  • The entire save system has been converted to a more backwards compatible format, that should help saves stay valid for much longer than before. (Note: Due to still being in development, there's a risk that Unstable 2, 3, etc, may still break data as kinks are worked out.)
  • The save is much better multi-threaded out, dropping save time on the main thread down to less than 30ms even in end game saves for most machines.
  • Many random save corruption bugs have been eliminated, due to newer more robust save validity checks.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • When a corrupted building is completely ignored by drones, or the drones cannot reach it and it has 0 maximum health, it will eventually delete itself.
  • Renamed Official Maps to Legacy Maps
  • Added new "Workshop Maps" pack for future workshop support.
  • Removed the "WIP" pack.
  • You can no longer select default map sizes as the settings were mostly pointless.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a minor typo in the harvesting goal description.
  • Fixed the dirty water description and headers being flipped on some of the object panels.
  • Crystal Harvesty building count in the right hand GUI now counts properly.
  • Experimental fix for the color binding crash related to setting colors of newly generated particles implemented.
  • Fixed some incorrect or missing shadows on the lumber mill and gates.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause migrants to not arrive in a day if couriers happened to arrive first.

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