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InDev 33 Road Map - The Trashy Saves Update
No replies to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, Mar 11 2019 12:27 PM

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Posted 11 March 2019 - 12:27 PM

InDev 33 development has been underway since the release of InDev 32e a few weeks ago. But now's the time to tell you what it's all about!

This primary focus is to update the save system, bringing in a much more robust, faster and more backwards compatible system. I can not guarantee that this new system will make all your saves backwards compatible forever, but it will help tremendously in keeping them valid for much longer than before. Hopefully the average player will never have to deal with obsolete saves again. Sadly and ironically though, this is such a fundamental rewrite it will destroy all your save data when the patch is finally released.

This patch is also going to introduce a few new mechanics and some UI rework. One being a complete redesign of the road UI, making the entire system much more streamlined and easy to use. The other, is a new "Trash system", as part of the first phase of the hygiene update you'll be seeing more of in InDev 34.

As usual, check out the road map below for the details! As always, there will be some additional content added outside of the road map, time permitting.

I encourage you to post your nitpicky tweaks/gripes/suggestions below! Now that the game is moving into its home stretch to launch this year, all future patches will have a heavy focus on fixing/polishing "the little things" as I go. So now is the time to complain about all those "little things" that bug you, no matter how small! :)

InDev 33 Road Map

New Save System
  • The entire save system will be converted to a more backwards compatible format, that should help saves stay valid for much longer than before.
  • The save system will be better multi-threaded out, dropping save time on the main thread down to less than 30ms even in end game saves for most machines.
  • Many random save corruption bugs will be eliminated, due to newer more robust save validity checks.
  • Steam Cloud saving will be enabled.
Trash System
  • When a resource is destroyed, created or manufactured, there will be a small chance trash will be left behind.
  • A new "Waste Collector" (Name pending) worker will be added, their job will be to clean up the trash found on the ground and take it to trash bins, landfills and processors.
  • Trash can only be stored in small, cheap to build trash bins, a landfill, in the processor, or a grinder.
  • Trash slows down movement speed as well as lowers constitution if they're around too much trash for too long.
  • New Building: Trash Bin. A small building that stores a small amount of trash, but when stored inside it does not cause any penalties to the villagers around it. All workers will be allowed to take trash to this building.
  • New Building: Trash landfill. A large building for storing larger amounts of trash. But only "Waste Collectors" can bring trash to this building.
  • New Building: Processor. Can store a small amount of trash, and when the waste collectors are not busying cleaning up trash, they can process trash at this building, destroying it entirely. Sometimes, the process will give the player back some free resources.
  • New Building: Grinder. Similar to a processor, but it will automatically (and very, very slowly) destroy trash and generate essence but can not store very much trash and will never return free materials.
New Road System UI
  • You will be allowed to select a specific road type when placing road work down, rather than one type at a time. You could place up to what you want built and they will continue to work until they've reached that upgrade level.
  • A new "upgrade all connected of this type" tool will be added, where you can select a single road type, and all roads of that same type connected to it will automatically be selected for upgrade.
  • (Time Permitting) Better traffic data will be added, so you can see where high traffic areas are and plan your roads more effectively.

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