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Seamless transition from map to map and time sync
1 reply to this topic - Started By Puuhaperkele, Jan 21 2019 11:20 AM

#1 Puuhaperkele

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Posted 21 January 2019 - 11:20 AM



Here are a few suggestions that I would think that could fit in the game.


Seamless map transition

Don't know if someone has already suggested this, but It would be nice to be able to seamlessly change from map to map and not have to exit to the map view to switch settlements. Feels kinda clunky and takes too much time.


Time sync

Settlement times would be in sync. Just doesn't make sense that the first settlement is in autumn and the second in spring that is just right next to the first one.


Whole map sync

Last thing, that the time would still go on in the other maps and people would still do their jobs and send supplies with couriers as time goes on instead of freezing. It might create some hectic stuff if multiple settlements would need help in the night, but that's the price you pay for not defending everything well enough.


Let me know what you think about my suggestions!


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#2 Velan

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Posted 31 January 2019 - 07:01 AM

Sounds amazing on paper, but just like you said, could be hectic managing all those villages at the same time, and extremely painful on the computer.


Maybe if instead of actually running each map in tandem, a nice little compromise would be to allow the management of sending materials and migration of adjacent villages to the currently played map. but you can only do that once every day that you play on the other village.

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