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The "win" goal seems too boring
1 reply to this topic - Started By sSs1897, Jan 07 2019 06:31 AM

#1 sSs1897

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Posted 07 January 2019 - 06:31 AM

I am currently playing on nightmare, as I finished my first year in the first region and sent ~50 people and supplies to the next region, survived another year, sent 50 people and supplies to another region, it seems that surviving for a year in EVERY region is really kinda boring. Since global corruption isnt really much an issue and you can even keep it low by migrating and goals, I dont see any difference in completing 2 regions and all regions apart from time consumed...


Probably make a linear "level" like system unlocking more and more interesting "endgame" features and powerful enemies? I'm not sure.

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#2 thormick

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Posted 25 January 2019 - 11:05 AM

I wholeheartedly agree. On survival it's of course even worse, I'm at day 139 now on InDev 32 unstable 2d, and since the global corruption power is so easily reduced with expansion and goals it's at minus 21 now. IIUC, and in my experience, that means that you won't see anything but headless for the whole year, meaning there's zero challenge and after you've built perhaps two bow towers it's just like playing at peaceful. Add to that the fact that I get lots of perks and it's even easier.

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